May 28, 2013
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Hello guys,

I've been struggling on FM recently to hit the good form I could produce on FM12, and I am constantly inconsistent and after 4 years of Serie B with my beloved San Marino I am no closer to Serie A, still floating about mid-table. This is when I found out just how little effort I was putting into finding the problems with my tactic and working hard to fix what was happening. It clicked for me when I read this brilliant post showing how this guy develops his tactics so they fit his philosophy and win him games.

Analysing your tactic and spotting problems | FM Veteran

So after I decided I'd make my own tactic, watch the games on comprehensive and study the analysis after to see what needed to be fixed.

The formation after some tweaks looks like this:

The general idea of the tactic is to try to win the ball high up the pitch and put them to the sword with 3 strikers, but also be solid at the back with a high defensive line to squeeze the game and lessen the gaps.

I will update the results after my next game.
I love the idea of taking San Marino up and would love to give that a go myself. :)

As for the tactic, I myself would use more direct passing than you are currently. I think you are unlikely to win the ball too high up the pitch because you lack pressure from the wide areas. The opposite team merely has to give the ball to the fullbacks and they are clear for upto 50 yards.

The formation is somewhere between a 4-3-3 and a diamond 4-4-2. It has the last third defensive solidarity of the latter, and the attacking threat of the former in the final third. Personally, I'd turn into a diamond, using an industrious attacking midfielder with a high work rate instead of the target man. Because the extra attacking threat of three strikers isn't worth the lack of bodies in midfield. At least, that's how I have always felt when using three up top.