Jul 25, 2009
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Hi guys, I'm in my third season as Real Madrid in Spain, and as my team is pretty much set for the next season, I blew my transfer money on lots of 16/17 year old regens with 4.5/5 star potentials.

My current development plan involves leaving players in the U19 squad if they are 18 or younger, or sending players to my B team (Castilla) if they are Adelante standard. Any players better than Adelante but not in my first team plans quite yet are loaned out to other top European sides. Unfortunately though, Castilla have now been relegated to B1, so I think now is a good time to shake things up a little.

Is it better for my to send my youth players to Castilla still, or is there development better suited to the U19's squad? I can see benefits of both (in a real world situation), but I'm not sure how this translates into the game.
I play with Bilbao and found that sending my youngsters to Bilbao Athletic in B2 killed their development. Keep them with your u19s/first team and tutor them, play them in cups etc until they can contribute more to the 1st team :)
Cool, thanks. I always assumed that the B team would have similar facilities as to the A team (kinda like British reserves), but after some reading I realised they are more like a feeder team than a reserve team.