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Di Stefano Challenge


Aug 26, 2012
In this challenge you will have to win the UCL... But you will have to win it five times in a row. Also you will have to have a single player score in every final. It doesn't matter what position they play in.

- You have to start with automatic rep
- You must play with a team that has never won the UCL (since 1992)
- You have to win at least 3 domestic leagues, 1 domestic cup and the club world championship during the 5 years
- The player has to be foreign and cannot be at the club in the beginning of the save
- The player must also be top scorer in the UCL once
- They have to be top scorer in the domestic league once
- They have to win the ballon D'or (golden ball) once

You can go to as many clubs as you want and have unlimited time

Good Luck:D