May 31, 2009
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Name - Francesco Di Tacchio
Natioanlity - Italian
D.O.B - 20/4/1990
Position - Centre Midfield
Club - Fiorentina (Screenshots are from 3rd season)

Strengths - Flair, Pace, Passing, Creativity, Technique
Weaknesses - Long Shots, Concentration, Composure, Finishing

Suggested Roles - Centre Midfield (Support)

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I was try him with pescara but he didn't impress me. Now he is still in Fiorentina B team and his stats didnt improve a lot..
i signd him for west ham he turnd in to a really good player cnt member wot got him for maybe 1.6mill? sold him to benfica for 5.180mill dint wanna but had to.
When I played as Fiorentina for a few years, he never impressed and was quite an average to poor player. Of course, in his position were several far better players so he had a lot to live up to, but he failed to even put one good performance in during the friendlies and thus stayed in our reserves. However, he only played a few games (around 5) in the friendlies, and he's young, so he could turn into a decent player for another team with the right training.

Although, for Seoul (my current team), he'd probably be quite a good prospect...
Pretty solid serie a player for me at age 26. great decision making