Feb 12, 2013
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in my Liverpool save I'm in December just before January and the board gave me 16.5mill, with this I've already done deals for both diame (3.5mil release clause) and jovetic for 10.5mill.
both are done deals just waiting on Jan 1st. unfortunately both just got hamstring injuries and will be out for 3 months. will this stop the transfer as it's a long term injury or not does anyone know. I'm worried they'd fail a medical due to these injuries but technically they should've already had one right as the deals been concluded?
I think they will fail if there still out for a decent period of time
If the transfer is already agreed they'll be fine and come through.
yeah they've both gone through! still got to wait 2 months to play them though -.-
got a big boost of 40mill from board at January too! signed poli, subotic, holtby and will hughes. did try to get Javier hernandez and Falcao but neither wanted to come to me, despite me being top of the premier league? :S