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Diamond Midfield and the Box-to-Box Midfielder

May 22, 2010
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So i prefer to play a 4-5-1, with an Anchor man, DLP on support and an AP on attack. This tends to include two IFs on attack and a poacher pushed way up the field.

I want to kind of invert the poacher, have him play more of a false 9 role as a DLF, still with the IFs, but I dont want to play with the same midfield I always have.

I want to use a BBM, i want aaron ramsey to run late from deep onto headers and crosses and slam them home, ala frank lampard at times. I also want that person to track back and play defense.

How do i utilize this role in a 3 man midfield. What roles do the players around him need to be?

I also prefer to play shorter passes, though not a "possession tactic".