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Diamond442 - Underdog tactic


Aug 13, 2015
By now we all know that the ME favours 3 at the back and preferably strikerless formations, but I wanted to make a classic 442 diamond. I made the tactic with an underdog team, so the tactic is very much based on the fact that I had limited players available. We play with defensive mentality and highly structured shape. The creative output is the enganche and the two strikers. As soon as the top team sends men forward those three up front are ready to exploit it - well at least that's what happens in my test save. The tactic also relies a lot on the two BWMs ability to win the ball back and give it to the enganche. As the formation by nature is narrow I've applied some opposition instructions to help making it better against wider formations(that is the theory at least. Maybe it works better without OIs ;) )
Here's the line up.
View attachment 91311

This time I dont want to go to deep into the player roles and PPMs. Your enganche needs to be really good to make the tactic shine. The midfield triangle consisting of the two BWMs and the central mid has got to be very well rounded players defensively and of course the central mid needs some offensive skills as well. If you manage a top team 6 team you might benefit on changing the central mid from support to attack. The left back is a little more offensive minded than the right one. If you goalie is awful at passing/distribution then have him pass the ball to fullbacks instead.

Here's the TIs
View attachment 91310

Passing is focused through the middle to give the ball to the front three and have them create something from there. ;)

I train mostly defensive positioning once the tactic is fluid. In my test save I've had the *** manager to handle general and individual training, but for a long term save I would micromanage the individual training to get more well rounded players and improve weaknesses.

Here's the opp instructions.
View attachment 91309

Have fun :) Any inputs are welcome as the diamond formation is hard to get right for FM17, so if it can be improved further then let me know.

Download this version instead. Will change original post soon. It seems to be better overall. This tactic is still "under development". https://www.mediafire.com/?4id9a8s8bjv7ba5

Original DOWNLOAD. Not as good as the one above. https://www.mediafire.com/?rj5djfdmz3jg1ei
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