Die Hard 4.0


Sep 17, 2005
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Went seeing this yday and i would recommend it to you all, now i've said that you probably won't wana watch it but ah well. Thought the storyline was good don't want to give too much away but give it a watch if you liked the previous 3 you'll like this its on a par with them if not better. :D
just saw it this afternoon, great film. much better than the first one and the third one imo, on par with no. 2. 9/10
You liked number 2 the best? That was the only rubbish Die Hard.
I agree with twinny. No.2 was sooo rubbish. 1 & 3 ftw! I'll prob end up seeind 4.0 soon enough though it does like like a cornfest from the trailers.
going to see it next week i think cannot wait ohh i saw another ad for the simpsons the night spiderpig anyone seen it?
yea the spiderpig is gr8. homer's song is soo funny :p
lmao yeah ive seen that spiderpig thing :D

Yeah 2nd Die Hard was prob worst of the bunch, thought 3 pwned thought cant remember 1st one that well..
Can't remember first one? whats up with ya?!?!!?!?!!!

In a tower on his own with loads of terrorists with 30 hostages, talking to black cop, calls himself Roy, terrorist leader is Hans whose brother Bruce killed (let die maybe)....

I think thats 1 anyway.
yeh that's 1. It's the best Die Hard there will ever be.
Watched this last night, it was OK and had all expected explosions and Justin Long did a good job too. I'd recommend Transformers over this though, I enjoyed that much, much more.
Just so ya#ll know, the transformers was so good, because it had the rise against logo in it. End of.
Well thanks for letting us know in the Die Hard thread :)

Yet to see this film, have a **** copy of it i dont want to watch.
I watched the first 40 minutes of this film, got bored and then went to bed.
hehe, first 40 mins is where most of the action is as well
might go see it this week some time now that it's been out a while it will not be so busy
yeh i saw it last week, there were the 4 of us, and 2 guys