Jan 23, 2007
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ok, here's the problem, with my tactic, i've got 1 big man up top and for 3 seasons now it's been the legend kenny deuchar

his stats aren't great (as you can see), but he seems to score quite reliably, and has even finished top scorer this season

now, ive got a couple of younger players in the same mould, but with better stats, should i be brave and drop big ken?
Why don't u get our Kenny to tutor the younger players? And then break them into the 1st team gently
well, i've tried that a few times, but they never seem to want to learn from him

ungrateful swines
if he hasnt got many preffered moves then they wont wanna learn from him.
ye hes right if ur man aint any good your youngsters will not learn from him1
he's only 28, play him 1or2 more seasons then sell him
he's got 2 preferred moves if my memory serves correctly "likes ball played to feet" and "shoots with power"

but i reckon i've come up with a solution. i just took the leverkusen post that was offered to me. ahhh, all better.

except my years of bringing in brazilian youngsters has now gone down the pan. oh well.
Lol i would of stuck with Rangers until they were a champions league winning side *cough* and then moved on but how much money leverkusen offer you??
hmm, i dont think leverkusen really offered me that much to be honest, but at least ive got around £10m transfer kitty to play around with

Looks like i'm gonna try and plunder my former Rangers team then