Dino Ndlovu - M. Haifa [Cheap quality Striker]


Feb 6, 2009
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Dino Ndlovu
South Africa
M. Hafai (Israel)

I found this guy by accident a moment ago and realized he is actually a very decent striker and scores goals on a consistent basis for pretty good teams..

It seems as though you can get him for around £2.5m at the start of the game or the 2nd season (even cheaper maybe in the 1st season)

Each SS is from a different save as well :)

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Yeh mate, I noticed that there's a number of promising looking players in Israel.
Looks **** to be honest you could get way better for the money he's worth
That looks like a beast Poacher, all the stats are perfect

Is recommend Dominique Malonga for a similar price as well.
Looks **** to be honest you could get way better for the money he's worth

yes he is **** compared to say Falcao but for middle table teams who do not have 100m to spend he is pretty decent!
Just bought him for Monaco in my third season (was at Bremen) to support Sow and Keuke who are my only out and out strikers (Ive also got Fierro but he's not registered as he's my 5th foreign player bt he was free. Ill use him in the cups). Cost me 1.5m downpayment plus 3 instalments.

He's doing ok (Sow and Keuke rarely have low fitness/get injured they are such beasts plus I play with 1 attacker).