Nov 27, 2012
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Is there anything to look for in a director of football? I'm Newcastle currently in 4th season and have had Eric Cantona since day one, but he has done ****** all for me!!! Should it be a legend of the club? Someone with manager experience? Or are there any attributes to look for?
i tend to go for directors that have good pa/ca judging ability, i always hire rudi voller finds me some good regens and youngsters.
Depends on what you use him for...
If want to micromanage everything yourself, then DoF won't be of much use.

But if you hire one with high determination (and maybe motivating) and let him handle contracts and outgoing transfers, he can frequently get better deals than you can.

And if you allow him to sign new players, then one with high Judging Player Ability and Potential is a must, tactical Knowledge might also be helpful. (But I think most players want to manage that part of the game themselves...)
I have my DoF with high det and mov. Only use him for outgoing transfers.

Managed to shift a player off for 17 mil, when I couldn't even get a 12 mil bid.