Mar 7, 2009
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Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone could help with this problem I have on FM2010:

When I started a new game, I added photos for the two managers I created, and for the first few weeks they appeared no problem. I then added a couple of photos of players that I had signed that had photos missing, I put them in the correct format, correct size, and renamed them to the relevant unique ID’s. I have also checked and unchecked the appropriate skin cache and reload tick boxes.

Since adding the new signing photos the Manager photos are no longer displaying AND the photos of the new players are missing too.

Any ideas?
Did you add the manager photo from within the game or using config files? Because I've found that if you upload a photo to your manager profile when you start the game, it vanishes if you reload the skin and you end up having to make a config.xml to get it to work again (if its that important).

As for the players I'm not sure exactly what the problem could be, obviously I can't look. What image format did you save the players pictures as?
Hi, thanks for replying, I am pretty sure I set them up as JPEG’s, is that the correct file format? If not, does that mean I can set up a new photo the same way I would a player, i.e. assign the ID to a photo?

The manager thing definitely works - using FMrte (I find it quicker than multiple skin reloads) or enabling unique IDs to find your manager ID and doing it the same way as a player.

I've always used PNGs for player/ manager photos and never had any problems, I've never tried jpegs - im not sure why it would be a difference unless its written into FM to be picky... I would say try PNGs and see if it works