Disappointed at lack of playing time?


Oct 9, 2010
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Haven't played FM yet, I bought it a couple weeks ago but have been working on a database (0 foreigner rule in almost all countries). When I tested it out in some of the leagues, the foreign players sitting on the bench are perfectly content to do so. I looked at several different leagues and all of the best teams and players, and none of them mind sitting on the bench, no matter how well the club is doing. If morale is good and the team is winning, it says something like "is enjoying playing for the club," if not, it'll say something like "will strive to help improve the team's position in the league." I have version 11.2 but from what I hear from reading threads here is that the players are really difficult to manage and always complain, especially if they're not getting a lot of PT. So why don't these players have a problem with never playing a minute?

I thought it may have been a bug (maybe they don't mind if they are totally ineligible to play in the league), so I changed the rule to 1 foreigner, meaning they could play in the league but the manager chose another player in their stead, but it was the same result. They weren't bothered by a lack of PT. Any ideas? I think the only realistic thing I can do is use FMRTE and unsettle every foreigner for a lack of playing time and homesickness.