Disappointing Purchase For You?


Nov 13, 2005
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For my self ..

Name : Rodrigo Palacio
Nationality : Argentine
Born : 05.02.1982
Club : Boca
Position : FC
Cost : 8.5m UK pound sterling / 12.5m Euro How to type symbol of pound sterling & euro?

He totally fail to fit in my barcelona tactics which mainly i will use 4-1-2-1-2 or 4-4-2 depending situation . He got the pace & acceleration with decent striker attribute(pure pacey striker , so forget about heading , jumping & strength) , but the performance he show me way below my expectation..and now getting becoming sub standard player in my club.
i bought vagner love for 12m at pompey and he came and did well getting a lot of goals in his first season but then in his 2nd season he just didnt perform and ended up dropping to the bench as cavenaghi and roncatto were just too good and he had to be sold for a loss

£ €
at least he do perform well for 1st season , policio only score 5 goals for me then keep dropping... :mad:
jasson said:
How to type symbol of pound sterling & euro?

hold Alt and press 0128 = €, it may be different on your keyboard though.
why did u pay 8.5m for palacio? u can get him for about 2.6m
Dagoberto. I spent £7m on him for Reading and he has basically been a flop. Maybe next season he will be better, but so far after 2 seasons at me he has been poor.
Mikey B said:
why did u pay 8.5m for palacio? u can get him for about 2.6m

i try 5m before , not even bother to nego with me :mad:

may be due i open few league & player database ( including brazil & argentine ) which easy affected player cost.

EPL w/championship
Italy League w/serie B
German League w/second division
Spanish League w/second division , second division B
Holland League w/first division

so boca wan SCAM my money :mad: :mad: :mad:
Joa Moutinho in my Sevilla game such a major dissapointment had great expectations of him as he is a wonderkid etc but hes BELOW AVERAGE gets 6's and 7's and he doesnt even touch the ball . I dont even want mention the fee i paid sporting (£12.5m).DONT GET MOUTINHO(WASTE)
John Mbidzo from Hibs. He is old and just didn't suit my team. Bought him early in the season and he came over later....already had better defenders...by then. My worst buy. Dwight Yorke was a player that i already had and he was my biggest disapointment. SO if someone was to buy him from me it would be a bad buy. I can't get rid offf him either as he requiers 350.000 release fee, and nobody wants to buy him.
i am a season ticket holder @ eater road and havenever heard of John Mbidzo