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Feb 18, 2010
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I want to start a game in Denmark but looked at disciplanary rules and it sayd one match ban after 15 Points. how many cards make up 15 points and so on?
I've been playing a game in Denmark for a few seasons now and still haven't completely figured it out, but it's something like this:

Yellow card: 7 pts
Red card: 15pts

The way it works out is almost the same as a typical card based system: a red is a 1 game suspension for the first, 2 games for the 2nd, etc. I think to get a player suspended on yellows alone requires 3 for the first suspension, then 2 for each one after that. (14 pts for each suspension after the first)

It escalates if a player racks up a combination of cards, with suspensions based on total disciplinary points rather than a set number of yellow or red cards. So if you have a player with 2 reds and a yellow on the season he'll likely be suspended 2 or 3 games if he picks up another yellow (I forget the exact thresholds for suspensions) instead of just 1 game. Also, unlike in England I've never seen an additional suspension imposed for violent behaviour, penalties follow the point system alone.