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Feb 17, 2012
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Long term reader, made an account but haven't actually posted before.

I'm working on a new tactic (currently trying in the Italian basement division) which works on the grounds of no-frills and disciplined play, not very exciting I'm sure - More of just an exercise for the sake of it.

The formation works with a Sweeper (Libero) and 2 central defenders. Followed by 2 wing backs and an Anchor Man in DM. Ahead of him is a box to box midfielder and a ball winning midfielder. Up the top end, a little and large kind of combination, Target Man and Poacher.

In terms of playing style, the approach is incredibly controlled. Players stay in the given position, retain possession and are generally speaking not very adventurous. With the control of the ball, the squad works up the wings and rely on the TM & Poacher for goals, as well as the box to box midfielder to contribute and the Libero Sweeper to involve himself in the midfield area.

So whilst tests are ongoing, few basic questions;

1) Has anyone worked with a Sweeper before? effective or flawed?
2) Not fully convinced with the midfield set up. The Anchor man is important, and making the Sweeper more attack minded when we are in possession bulks up the midfield, but the BWM and BBM combination might not be the most effective. Considered swapping the BWM for an AP and using him as the creative outlet in the team.
3) In terms of attacking play, perhaps swapping the Target Man for a DLF. Or should I stick with the current midfield set up, drop the TM in place of a creative central attacking midfielder instead?

I'm not even myself sure if this tactic will work, it might just be unusual enough that it does. Purely just an idea to play around with and see if it works.