Ditched fm2010, got 2011, what is a challlenging team to start with


Dec 25, 2010
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In fm2010 I played with Spurs first three seasons and won the champions leauge, fa cup and preimership. Then to West Ham where I got them from last to 10th within midseason. Now I have fm2011 which team should I start with. Do you think West Ham again or Bolton would be a good challenge as they are not the greatest teams in the game are they
In the Premier League I'd guess Blackpool have the worst squad.
I've heard Dundee got 25 points deducted though, so saving them first season is probably one of the best challenges around :p
what type of challenge are you looking for ?

I want to try and develop a club with little or no history and play hoof ball into a free passing silky team. It has to be within the prem or Npower championship. Like I said would West Ham or Bolton be good choices
find the lowest rep team in the world and make them the best