Feb 27, 2013
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I just start a new game using MU, and already do some trade based on what I read on Raikan007 guide. I buy Alaba but still search for a backup DL since I'm planning to sell Evra.

Which one is better from your experience?

- Luke shaw -> cost around 3 mil
- Alex Sandro -> cost around 15-17 mil
- Nathaniel Clyne -> cost around 7-8 mil

Btw which one better, buy one player from above list and sell Evra or wait for Fabio next then sell Evra?
Georgiy Schennikov mate or Marcos Rojas

Alex Sandro for that price is also a good deal

Jose Angel - Roma keeps on progressing and is extremely cheap!

See how much Zenit want for Crisitico as well..
Ok, thnx. If I bought Wellington nem, ademilson and Adryan, will you suggest I bought Isco?

For the WBL will look alex sandro. So both Luke and Clyne is not too good?
None of the above, as you are Manchester United. Buy Baines, and use Alaba as quality cover. Alaba still has some glaring weaknesses for the top level that need work (marking and positioning really stand out)
baines are too expensive, everton ask for around 25 mil for him. I decided to go with Alex Sandro. I think it cost me around 16 mil (my laptop are at home), but I didn't buy Alaba. Planning to stuck with Evra and wait for Fabio then use him as back up.

So far my transfer are:
out :
Anderson -> direct exchange with Fellaini (no extra payment)
Nani -> 35 mil
Young -> 25 mil
Wellbeck -> 14 mil
Buttner -> 100k loan with 4.9 buy clause
Lindegard -> around 3 mil

Wellington nem 3.5 mil
Ademilson 5.25 mil
adryan around 800k
Bale 25 mil
Gotze 29 mil
Fellaini -> direct exchange with Anderson
Alex sandro -> 16 mil

have some extra cash, I don't know who to buy, any suggestion? My target :

Planning to get rid another ST, RvP or Hernandez.
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Id get Wallace/Vrsaljko myself who have the added advantage of playing on both r and l.