May 22, 2013
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Hello. I'm currently playing 2nd season as Manchester United's coach :p I'm searching for a dlp, since Michael Carrick's demandings were too high for me and he is leaving at the end of the season. My budget is around 60 mln, so I would like the best dlp that I can get for this amount of money.
What do you think about Gundogan or Marchisio for this role? Maybe someone else?
Thanks for any help :)
Unfortunately, Benfica bought him and they want me to pay 80 mln. I can't afford to buy him for that much, so I have to lool for someone else.
For me, Gundogan is the best DLP on the game. Other options could be Moutinho, Cabaye, or, maybe surprisingly, Dembele. I have had some amazing average ratings in the range of 7.6+ with him, and could cost a lot less! Gundogan though, is incredible, and if you can I would go for him!
wanyama is a good choice, he'll work hos socks off and grows into that role very easily.
I also had good results there from verratti, thiago (always buy able come second season)
if you've still got cleverley play him in that role he does fantastic there after 1-2 Seasons
I am using Fredy Guarin right now and he's been great. 7 goals and 8 assists in half a season (season 2) and is likely cheaper than some of the other options.
I brought in Thaigo 23mill 2nd season, he does the business. I can never seem to find Ball winning CMs, they all seem to be DLP.
Don't waste cleverly :) If you do want to get a DLP, get gundogan. Don't be like me... I regret it when Chelsea bought him... They won me 3-2 after gundogan's arrival... earlier matches I won them 5-0 at home... Now they look like some title contender thanks to gundogan...
Marco Verratti is young but can play great for any first team or Claudio Marchisio and Daniele De Rossi are both are fabulous players if you can get them but Andrea Bertolacci is also a young player who can become very good but if you are looking for a young player who will develop into a great player I would go for Lorenzo Crisetig or Ezequiel Cirigliano but imo Crisetig become the better of the two
I brought in Thaigo 23mill 2nd season, he does the business. I can never seem to find Ball winning CMs, they all seem to be DLP.

Etienne Capoue. Has 13m GBP release clause i believe. Pretty good for me as a ballwinner.
Cheers fanks, but he's not good enough I don't believe personally. I want someone who is world class or potentially world class. I normally have to find a regen.
World class BWM u say? Fellaini/Sandro if you can afford. Often i get MoM performances from them. Another excellent BWM for me is Roman Neustadter/Nainggolan. But if ur united, you already have fletcher who averages 7.4-.5 season after season in that role.