Mar 23, 2012
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Hi guys,

as the title suggest I'm looking for a Central Midfielder, who is a Decent Deep Lying Playmaker, with a lot of potential to become a Premier League Star. I'm doing a fun save, FM Base Money Bags challenge, and I went for Youth so when I get to EPL I would have a great young team.

-Money is not an issue.
-In Blue Square South.
-Preferably Home Grown but if 16/17 He will have time to gain HG status.

Thanks Guys :)
praet,samper,crisetig have played that challenge is very good but will only be able to sign young prospects these are the three i had when i was playing
Will Hughes
Tom Ince

What more could you want ?
piles of potential!
Lorenzo Crisetig most be the biggest talent in the game.