do inside forwards work on this game?

Falcon 09

Feb 19, 2011
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Hello there people, I was wondering if inside forwards worked well on this game as most tactics I seem to see only use old school wingers. Any tactics out there that use inside forwards? I want to try the likes of Lamela and Depay out and they are pony as wingers, so I fancied using a good tactic which used inside forwards if anyone knew of one?
I use Inside forwards and they work a treat. But I use my own tactics and set their individual commands depending on player and style I want to play.:D
I use IF's in almost every of my tactics (all variatons of 4-2-3-1) and they work pretty well.
2 main strikers together got 65/27 (goals/assissts) last season, my 3 main IF's 7/13, 11/10 and 14/13.
create you own. I was scared to, because I used others tactics in fm12,11 and 10, and as an american, am mostly confused by soccer tactics :).

But... its very simple and requires little or no tweaking of a base tactic in order to be successful.

That being said, I always tactics that use IFs. They are incredibly effective when paired with a DLF and a deepish midfield. Remeber, you dont want CMs running too far up the field through the middle, that space is needed for the DLF and/or IFs.

Also, I've had a great deal of success with players who mostly play a strictly wide role like a winger, like Jesus Navas, as IFs. Even when they have to cut inside onto their weaker feet.

Dont forget the IFs need space that is otherwise usually already occupied by the striker/amc/cm.

Always use attacking fullback (support roles work here too) as they will overlap with your IFs and use that space out wide very well.