Jun 3, 2010
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I see all these people putting downloads up on this site like all the new kits and players faces etc. How can i do this my self? Is it difficult or just take a lot of time as i have plenty of time on my hands. Someone please help me
You want to upload some of your work or start doing your own work?
Start doing my own work

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Then ill upload it
First step - get Photoshop, a 30-day free trial on their website for you to try. Then download kit templates etc from this site, mess around, get good then start asking again.
Ive seen a free image editor which Photoshop do, do you know if this is anygood to do some stuff with?

***actually after searching might not be photoshop who do it, so in light of this is there any free software which you can work with?
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There is Gimp, but that is pretty ****...

If you are a student you can get Photoshop much cheaper though. If not, then it is quite an investment.