Do Press Conferences And Going To The Media Increase My Reputation?


Jan 21, 2011
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As in the title, and also what does improve my reputation. (Apart from winning)

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Yeah, they increase your media profile, which the game likes. For example, I go to every conference and talk about managers before and after every game, and it's on 100%.
Does that make a differece to whether clubs wanna sign you or not then?
i never go to media or conferences so.. thanks for the help
I go to the important ones. I find they help your managerial prestige as media handling would be an important factor to a club!
Well, I usually attend almost every press conference, but the question are always the same, therefore I got bored very fast. Regarding making comments to previous and next opponent I choose only those managers from rival teams or teams threatening my league position. Furthermore, if you try to comment dangerman and manager of every match, media start to ignore your comments...
I send my assistant for all games other than the important ones (rivals, semi-finals, finals). It says i am media shy but that doesnt really bother me. I also respond when other managers talk about me but i dont tend to start talk about them first. I also never comment on danger man because it always upsets my players. If i say the dangerman is a good player then they say i shouldnt be praising other team players. If i say he is useless then i'm unprofessional.
I think this is an area that has been discussed in the past as needing a major revamp. Alot of people dont bother as they get repetitive and boring.
dont think it has any impact, My Rep is world class and I not been to a single press conference. It's just a gimmick on the game
Worked well for me. I average about 90% conferences, works well because when there is a job vacancy at a high rep team, youll see your name in the consideration list.