Do regens get progressively worse?

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Jul 2, 2010
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Is it me or do the regens get progressively worse as the game continues?

After many years of chasing regens, usually by scouting every single last one of them (now I only scout the ones that have £500k+ value after 5 days of being generated) I have decided to only buy players that are 4 stars or better, or 3.5 if they're English.

I am playing as Spurs and am in the 7th game year. I have 22 scouts. I have 5 set to scouting players under 17 in the playable countries, then the rest cover pretty much every region with no age limit. Most of the scouts have 19 or 20 in both judging current and potential ability. My assistant manager has 20 in both - the only reason I hired him as I want a consistent rating approach.

In the first round of regens there were about 10-15 players that had 3.5 or 4 stars. In the last 2 years there's been 1 or none.

I know my team is better than it started but until this year Christiano Ronaldo (Madrid offered him for about £25m - they must have had a tiff!) was getting 4.5 stars so I don't think the stars' value has changed that much. Also, I bought one Brazilian regen when he was 18 with 4.5 stars and he still has 4.5 - in current ability now!

Has anyone else encountered this? Should I be lowering my standards? Or is there just a lull currently? A lot of top names such as Beckham (signed him first season and kept him going until last year), Villa, Lampard, Xavi etc have retired recently so maybe I have to wait for them to be regenned.

Any help much appreciated as this is driving me nuts.


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Also- has anyone ever had a decent foreign regen stay uncapped long enough to pick up english nationality? This has been a strategy of mine to make england great but it's not going very well... I usually get to within 18 months and then they called up as a sub for 5 minutes!
for the last bit i don't think the game is stupid enough to let managers leave wonderkids out so tehy get picked up by other nations.
For some reason they all (or at least most) seem to have crappy natural fitness I mean come on these are youngsters.

And goalkeepers all good in physical stats but not in technical attributes.
i think that because your team are getting progressivly better than means that in comparison, the regens look like they are getting worse...
Can someone tell me for some reason i am 3 seasons in with LFC. 3 leagues selected (ENG, Spain, ITL) Top leagues from all 3.

I haven't got a regen with a PA of 190 or over yet :(

There are only 5 regens with a pa of 180-189.
How do you know there is onlu 5 and how did you find those 5?
re the crappy natural fitness I always train youngsters (up to 22 ish) on a training regime with greater focus on strength and aerobic to give them early boosts to fitness etc. Just checked and it's not actually been that successful - maybe an individual focus would help?
Training doesn't help natural fitness it's basically their genetical limit.
The Gks with insane phyicals and subpar technicals are very weird, but at the end of the day, they perform pretty well.

I have 3 in my team( one 1st team, 2 loaned), Arsenal uses one, Chelsea, Liverpool and Madrid too.

About the decaying quality of regens, in my game at least hasnt the case.

Some years you can get one, two or even zero 21/2 stars players or more.

The another, you find one 4 stars and even some 31/2.
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