Do the old legends have player data?


May 23, 2010
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Well, you see it all the time in FM now. You're next bright prospect is labelled as the next Gary Lineker eh?
What I am wondering is, do the old legends of football, have player data in FM?
I ask this because, in my game, my newest regen striker who is a fantastic talent is labelled as the next Alan Shearer, whilst another Brazilian regen I have is labelled as Pele. I have also seen other teams regens labelled as Gary Lineker, and Franz Beckenbaur. (sp) Even George Best!
So, do these old legends have player data in FM? Some of the players that young players are labelled as, for example Shearer, and, Laudrup, are actually staff on the game. Therefore they have their history stats on their profile page. This tells you there apps and goals etc, when they used to play.
However, for players like Pele, Beckenbaur, and George Best, they are not on FM. They don't exist on the game. Unless they are hidden somewhere I am unaware of...?
Well, if the game can tell me that my new regen is the next Pele, the game must surely have some info or even attributes for him, no?
In which case, surely this information can be found using the editor or something.
If I were able to access this information, I think I would be able to create a pretty neat legends database. :)

Well, anyway, if anybody knows anything about this, please share! Whether they know something about any hidden data, or if the game just randomly picks a name, haha.

Ben. :)
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No I don't think it has mate. Why would you need it though? People like Lineker, Best, Pele are pretty much self explanatory really?
If they had player data hidden in the game somewhere, then the legend databases would be so much more accurate. Surely the game must have something on them to be able to compare them to current players?
Abedi Pele is Ghanaian not Brazilian is not that Pele, he is Ayew's dad
I meant the world famous Pele from Brazil. I always get confused with the Pele's! He was labelled as the next 'Pele', and I just assumed that Abedi Pele and Pele were the same person for some reason :p
I meant the world famous Pele from Brazil. I always get confused with the Pele's! He was labelled as the next 'Pele', and I just assumed that Abedi Pele and Pele were the same person for some reason :p

a few do i can understand it, i just thought id clear it up
bump... I would like to know if anybody else knows anything about this.
I've thought about this a lot. For example a strong striker is much more likely to be 'the new Alan Shearer' than the new Micheal Owen - but how does it form this without there being some data? Unless there are 3/4 players for a few attributes i.e strength, pace, finishing
I would really like to find out! Perhaps, tubby, you could be right. Maybe there are just a few attributes for just a few players in each position. But I still think there may well be some hidden data in there somewhere! For players like Shearer it is understandble, as he is visible on the game, as a manager. You can see his past as a player, and his apps and goals etc. There are no player atts there though, but I am sure they are findbale on the editor. However, for players like Pele, who are not visible on the game, how does the game know that someone will be like him, if the game knows nothing about him? There must be something I am missing here.
the editer just has the following criteria

Alan Shearer - Powerful Stiker - Tall - Central etc.
Well there we go then! That explains why my regen 'Stephen Naylor' is labelled as the next him! He is 191cm, and weighs just over 12st. Also, he plays as a lone striker in my formation. He matches all of those criteria! Now though, how can somebody be labelled as Pele is he has nothing like that in the DB? :S
Just thought I would give this thread a bump from December. I know it's old, but I want to know if anybody else has any theory's on this... :)
there wont be any information on these Legends if you cannot bring up their profile page... like Best etc...

once the player retires I dont think you can see their playing history, only their coaching/managing history (players like Shearer etc)

as Tubby mentioned, players with similar attributes/physical stats/personalities would be programmed to be labelled as the next etc if they have similar attributes etc....

a player that has tackling and work rate of 20 and is 189cm and plays who is Italian won't be labelled as the next Andrea Pirlo but maybe the next Danille De Rossi etc etc...

it is just programming that in certain fields find similarities then would tell the game to label the kid as a certain person/name even though they are not acutally on the game :)
You could try looking in the editor. Change the person type of the legend to player, and have a look to see if they have any stats. Never looked so I am not sure.
I couldn't find neither george best or pele in the editor