Do you look for players with positive consistency and/or big matches and 100% avoid negative side of these two?


Oct 3, 2013
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Something I am wondering about Consistency and Big Match hidden attribute.

Does Consistency hidden attribute only apply to season games? Does it add to Big Match hidden attribute in all non-season games?

Is it better to build your prime squad to have higher than average Big Match hidden attribute while rotate some of them and use backup players with Consistency hidden attribute for season games?

These are the questions I have in mind when eventually playing premier leagues. Right now, I'm trying to go up ranks through LLM so I focus on Consistency to improve season performance for promotions. So how do you manage/build your squads overall? Is it better to build the best 12 men as possible with few solid backups to take on both Season and non-season games?
This isna curios case. I'm currently playing with TSV 1860 Munchen and my main striker is 'inconsistent' in the scout report.

And I kept on saying that I don't like that and its going to hurt me, but he's currently my top scorer with the goal ratio of 1:1.

I still cant figure out how consistency works, or important matches. Just got an idea for my new video, thanks for that.

Anyway. Yeah, I look at it all the time. That is the thing that irks me about newgens, it is really hard to find one with the correct setup of attributes + to be consistent and have good important matches. With them, you usually have to settle. Like someone is a really good BWM, has everything going for them, and then they have 4 bravery or some similar ****. Like no workrate. Or a winger with amazing technical attributes, but no flair.

I went too wide with this issue. Short answer is yes, but I dont think it matters that much, especially important matches (I had players scoring against me in CL final and their report says they dread playing in big games).