Does anybody take a players attributes into consideration


Aug 29, 2012
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What i mean by that is when your selecting what player to play where you have to choose what role to play i.e. Poacher, Complete Forward etc. Or do you do what i do and buy players with decent attributes and train them to the role you want them to play. So in the end you could buy Michael Carrick and train him to play striker and role as a poacher.

I think its too much trying to remember which player plays best under certain roles. Id forget.

Or am i just taking the lazy way out?
I have certain tactics and approaches I use (as a real manager) and if I don't have the required players with stats I buy them..

if I have players that don't suit my approach, I make a new tactic for the team and go from there..

I am one for retraining players to new positions, but not a Carrick to a poacher, players like Kagawa to striker (as he is competent there already) Rooney to CM and so on and so forth

why train a player, and make him worse in his actual best position to play somewhere else? why not hone in on Carricks passing/positioning/first touch and make him into a really good CM and just buy a poacher!
I do. I analyze everything and put them in the role they're best suited for. Basically I put every player where the indicator will be the brightest shade of green where they need to. If I put a player there with a duller shade it's normally because of injuries/tiredness. I prefer the former as it's getting the best out of them. Unless of course you're playing against a team that is much better on paper. Having them play in multiple positions is a bonus too (for example being able to switch attacking wingers when I need to).
I usually buy a player to suit, whilst I am training a youngster to be the erfect player
I Always get teamplayers with some specific competence and then use them to their best. Naturally, I always look for certain player types that fits into my generall approach so if playing a high energy game using the flanks, I only go for quick wingers and strikers with great movement and agility. If I used a possession based approach, then players with great stats in Ball Control and Attacking would be my only choice. If said players are only average in these stats, then I don't touch them as It would take too long to retrain them into fitting my approach.