Does anyone enjoy praising every player who gets above an 8.0 in training every single week?


Apr 2, 2024
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I feel like there's no reason not to (easy morale, improve relationship etc blablabla) but christ it's tedious. I'm 6 seasons into a save and cannot believe I've kept it up, but feel as though all of this micromanagement is why I'm overperforming and my squad love me...

Someone tell me it doesn't really matter so I can stop doing this please.
I only praise 9.0 and above, otherwise i t's alot of waisted time, and dont forget to criticise doesnt that perform below 6.5.
Depending on the type of save I'm doing. Sometimes I don't even bother but if I'm doing a one club save I always praise 7.5 and above and criticise 6.5 and below. Helps keeping the morale up and also improves their training performances most of the time.

With the description you made it seems that you are doing a one club save so in my experience micromanaging everytbhing really is a powerful tool to ensure long term success.