Does consistency even matter in Football Manager 23? I did an experiment with Haaland.


Jul 14, 2010
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So inspired by the question of @Jatjr the other day, I decided to run a test, some sort of experiment to figure out does consistency matter in FM23. Well, to my surprise, results are not as expected. You can check it out here:

Basically I picked a random team, which was Real Sociedad, and edited all their players, with the exception of strikers who got removed from the team/removed as strikers so Haaland can play as much games as possible and run few different tests. First one was where I edited his consistency and important matches to 5 and ended few tests later where he had those attributes set on 20.
Interesting, so this tells me that having plain average consistency / big matches of ~10 or higher, the player would generally be hitting 90-95% of his highest possible average rating he can do (per manager's tactic used).

The first test with low consistency / big matches had him coming out top with most goals anyway. So, the only significant part I look at is the difference of average rating. Which is what I first said up here. having 15 or 20 does not improve that much over 12. Whereas having 5, average rating is ~0.40 lower.

This made me think about my squad building approach. I made myself a ranked list of players I'd sign. Here's an example:
1) 4+ star consistent player
2) 3+ star consistent player
3) 4+ star inconsistent player
4) 2+ star consistent player
5) 3+ star inconsistent player

If consistency does not really improve that much, then I have potentially limited myself by prioritizing lower star players with better consistency. Eerland Harling (i know i misspelled) still came out on top with super low consistency. So I should have looked for best players available regardless of their consisency.
Yeah, I was surprised as well. I'll try to do some more testing, probably for 3 seasons with a different player, and then compare it. I'll even try to do it today/tomorrow.

Also, I wander how much of an impact does Important Matches do over consistency. Is player who has great consistency but terrible important matches going to play better in finals than a player who's reversed?
I have 2 GKs. One is season GK because of his solid green consistent but he dreads big matches. Other one is a Cup GK because of his big match trait. I accidentally played season GK in a cup match. He wasn't nervous or anything and did play his part. Makes me wonder...If you do test, please share what you find :)

nearly 4am here, I need to sleep. :LOL: