Does this guy make a good Assistant Manager?


Mar 3, 2013
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I am really not sure what makes a good Assistant Manager but I just brought this guy in. I figured he could give me good match advice on the opposition due to his tactical knowledge.
Is he good for my team?

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EDIT: First match with him I set him to opposition advice and team talks and beat a powerful Everton 5-0! 0_0
Hopefully a sign of things to come!
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not bad at all, however, he is not going to be much of an addition to your coaching as he has very poor stats in all of the area's...
Thanks guys.
I figure he wouldnt be a great addition to coaching but for some reason when I add a coach of anything else the stars dont improve and the workload is already on light for everything (I have 14 coaches) so I figured I should try get a good tactical AM.
Yeah his coaching stats are pretty terrible but if you have them covered already he'd make a pretty solid AssMan.
Let the coaches do the coaching and the managers do the managing is my philosophy!