Does Youth Intake preview actually mean anything beyond the positions?


Mar 12, 2024
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I had an excellent youth intake prediction a few years in at Everton so thought I would reload a few times on intake day to see the variety of players I get.

I was highlighted in the preview as having one AMR who might be the amongst the best in his generation so I wanted to see what changed over 20 loads.

On 15 of the loads he was best of the crop with CA 80-110 and PA 130-160 and on two he was much better PA 160-180.

So far that was in line with what I had read on here that the intake preview defines a range of ratings, but on two of the 20 reloads he had PA under 90 and on one disastrous one he had a CA of 5 and a PA of 8 .

So based on that is his “range” fixed at 8-180 PA? Might as well be random at that point.

As an aside, looking at that one player across 20 re-rolls his hidden attributes were wildly different every time so I’m not sure the head of youth is really affecting them either.
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