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Sep 11, 2020
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I decided to start a new save, to make things more difficult I'm starting the DoF challenge, so the only work I do is training and selection of players for the match and tactics, scouting and transfers will be done by the director of football and the rest of the staff. And with all that, we will make a little story. Let's go!

MONDAY 24.4.2023

In the management of Valencia, under enormous pressure from the public, due to the result crisis, they decided to react and appoint a new coaching staff, headed by club legend Gaizka Mendieta, and his assistant is also club legend Carlos Marchena. The rest of the staff will be filled in the coming days, and according to reports close to the Spanish club, some of the names are considered top experts.



Mendieta's first task is to restore Valencia's form and win La Liga survival in the following matches, while the long-term goal is to stabilize and return Valencia to the very top of Spanish football.


In the end, Valencia fought hard to stay in La Liga. The season is over and the team is going on vacation. While, the biggest job to follow for the sports director. The priorities for the transfer deadline should be the wing positions, where a hole will be created by the likely loan departures of Samuel Lin and Justin Kluivert. Also, Ilaix Moriba is leaving on loan, but his replacement is already ready in the form of Isco, who will sign a contract with Valencia. Uroš Račić will also return from loan, and he should replace Nic, who is leaving for his parent club Barcelona. The rest of the playing staff, which will be assembled by sports director Miguel Angel Corona, will depend on the financial situation, but also on the sale of players.


In the last 8 games, Gaizka Mendieta's team achieved 2 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses. In some matches, the game was better than the achieved result, but the lack of luck, self-confidence and calm in the end is the main cause of this outcome.


In the end, the final position just above the relegation line. Which can certainly be characterized as a bad season. The goal for the next season has already been set for places that lead to Europe, even if it was the Conference League.
SEASON 2023/24
Preparations for the new season are over. The first impression is that they did a great job, without injuries, with a good game that was crowned with results, even though they were not the main ones. All the players who are counted on in the senior team got a chance to prove themselves. There is certainly reason for optimism in the next season.

In the end, the team was strengthened by the already announced Isco, returnees from loan Uroš Račić and Koba Lein, players after the expiration of their contracts in former clubs Cristian Tello and Edin Džeko, Federico Gatti came on loan with the obligation to buy, while Bruno Tabata came on loan with the option redemption. Among the more significant departures, Comert and Marcos Andre left the club.


There are about 15 days left until the end of the transfer window. The team is full, but if an opportunity arises for a quality individual, the club will certainly react. We have 2 players in each position that we can seriously count on, and a few of them can play very well in several positions as well. Players from 2 teams who show potential will not be neglected during the season either.


At the beginning, we have a very good schedule with teams against which, at least on paper, we must be favorites. While the most difficult seems to be the series of matches that will take place in a month against Real Sociedad, Sevilla, Barcelona and Real Madrid. The media predicts us to be in the middle of the table, 9th place to be exact. However, it is certain that this team, with the right game and without many problems with injuries, can go a few places higher. It's up to us to prove ourselves.

The first game in the new season is a visit to Cadiz, the opening of the game was fantastic, the newcomer from Brazil Bruno Tabata scored his first goal, the same player scored two more times until the end and completed the hat trick. Domination during the entire match. All the ideas were transformed on the field, keeping possession through the passing game, the verticality of the wings and the opening of the game on the left side where the surplus is created with the back. The midfield is stable and solid.

The second round, the first match at the Mestalla and practically a continuation of the game from the first match. Complete dominance, despite 2 conceded goals. The first goal was conceded after the break, it is the second such goal, which is obviously a problem that will have to be corrected during the season. But regardless, we played our game again, the wings were perfect, the stoppers were excellent in building the attack, the midfield routinely did the game.


And the third round, against Osasuna, offered almost the same Valencia, somewhat less efficient and attractive, but still very solid, stable and with the desire for the Valencia players to have the main say on the field. Hugo Duro made sure that the game was not rewarded with points.


From the first three games, Valencia showed that it can play a serious role this season. After three rounds, they share first place with Real Soceidad, along with Real Madrid the most goals scored (8), the most shots made, the fewest shots allowed.

By the end of the transfer window, there were some changes in the roster, Koba Lein went on a new loan to Huesca, and Malang Sarr arrived at the club on a loan with an obligation to buy at the end of the season, and Monchu on a two-year loan also with an obligation to buy.