Don't Come Home Too Soon...The Story Of The Scottish National Team.


Sep 8, 2012
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Don't Come Home Too Soon...The Story Of The Scottish National Team.
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Scotland have qualified for the FIFA World Cup on eight occasions and the UEFA Football European Championships twice, but have never progressed beyond the first group stage of a finals tournament, so with that said my First objective is to QUALIFY for either competition
(World Cup Qualifiers are first as the main competition is in 2014) My Second objective is to PROGRESS BEYOND THE GROUP STAGES (e.g. reach the last 16, possibly the Quarters, Semis, maybe i'm being too optimistic, but i'm Scottish and it's what we do, we have the best national team out there! Spain, Germany, Brazil? nah, they don't have have the raw talent needed for a national team, such as, Charlie Adam, Tony Watt, Gary Mackay-Steven and who could forget Chris Iwelumo...well me, i could forget him, he's shocking...even by Scotland's standards.
So, this is my journey, i am Lewis and welcome to Scotland.

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Stewart Regan, SFA Chief Executive, today announced the appointment of the former Scotland international, Lewis Devlin, as new manager. Regan said he was "Delighted" that Lewis accepted his offer of the role. The Scottish public have been asking questions though, saying "is Devlin the right man to take the team to the World Cup and European Championships?" with 157 caps and 103 goals for his country, Devlin had a glistening playing career with the national team, only time will tell how he fairs as the manager.

More Updates Follow, INCLUDING:
We speak to Devlin in an exclusive interview about taking the job, tactics, players and much more.
Nice, definitely following this!! Would be cool to see your take on the team!!
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Our Chief Reporter, Brian Swanson, today spoke with the new Scotland manager, Lewis Devlin, discussing team tactics, selection and all of Devlin's ambitions for the challenge ahead.

Reporter: Hello Lewis, thanks for joining us here on Sky Sports News. Just tell us, how do you feel about receiving
the offer of becoming the new Scotland manager?

Devlin: Hi Brian, it's a pleasure to receive the offer, i mean it's what every manager dreams of, along with winning the World Cup or The Champions League for club football. To be able to play with Scotland has been a dream come true, but now to manage the national team, it's certainly one of the best things that's ever happened to me, it's up there with scoring in the champions league final and lifting the trophy for Borussia Dortmund.

Reporter: What is your Tactical approach to the game? do you want to set an all-attacking Scotland side out, or do you want to play it safe and go for a defensive style of play?

Devlin: Well, that all depends on the game situation, to have just one tactical approach is just irresponsible, i mean, if you are losing 1-0 and its 85 minutes, then you've got to push up and attack, on the other hand if you're winning 1-0 and its 85 minutes, then you've got to employ some tactics to run down the clock and keep the ball from the opponents, if they don't have the ball, they can't score.

Reporter: Will we still see the likes of the experienced Darren Fletcher and Kenny Miller in the Scotland side, or do you want to go for a younger, less experienced side?

Devlin: Well, that's a tough decision to make, we need to keep the right balance of experience in the side to succeed. So, there will be some familiar faces in my side, but there will also be some new faces for the fans to see.

Reporter: Okay, thanks Lewis for joining us here on Sky Sports, we wish you all the best with your new adventure as the Scotland manager.

Devlin: Thanks Brian, I hope the Scotland fans enjoy my reign and i can bring them success.

and so we begin....

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Update One - First Impressions.

Season Expectations:
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First Match:
View attachment 347141 Scotland v Armenia (Friendly)

Good News:
View attachment 347142 So I literally done nothing, but apparently that's good enough to move up a place in the FIFA World Rankings, we're now at place 48!

So, come back for update 2 with the Armenia match and i'll show you tactics etc. any questions just ask guys!

LADS im sorry, i got a crash dump, but i was only in JULY, hadnt played any games, all i had done was sorted the team, im starting a new game with the same team! :)
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Official Update 1

Current FIFA World Ranking:
View attachment 347824As you can see by the screenshot, we're 58th, now that's not too good. Considering we started at 49th, but saying that we had a terrible World Cup Qualifying Campaign, and you can probably guess that we didn't qualify...but i didn't lose my job, i was surprised i didn't lose my job, but i didn't so that's good, i get a chance at qualifying for the European Championships in 2016! So, keep the faith guys, we can do it!
Now onto the actual update with stats, tactics etc...

The Tactic:
View attachment 347871 We played a 4-4-1-1, Fluid Style with a Controlled Strategy, hoping to control the play, dictate where the ball goes, when we score, keep the ball from the opponent, not letting them score, or even have possession.

World Cup Qualifiers 2012/13 Group 1 Results:
View attachment 347879View attachment 347881View attachment 347925 Our first fixture of 2012/13 was a 1-1 draw with Malta, which was not bad, considering they were higher in the FIFA world rankings than us, still disappointing to draw though, but it's not a loss...yet. After the Malta game, we played Croatia in the first game of the World Cup Qualifiers, managing to scrape a 2-2 draw, with new-boys Jordan Rhodes and Steven Fletcher scoring our two goals. We then went to Wales and got treated like sheep, suffering a 3-0 loss, i was devastated. More devastation was to come as Belgium came to Hampden and handed us a 4-2 defeat, Charlie Adam and Steven Fletcher getting our goals. Another draw was on the cards as we went to Macedonia, the team at the bottom of the table played well against us, not letting us get any goals, and we did the same leaving the match with a boring 0-0 draw. Next game was a friendly against Moldova, and we played extremely well, thrashing them 3-0 with Steven Fletcher getting his first ever Scotland hat-trick! Our first game of 2013 saw us face San Marino away, we dominated the game with a 4-0 win, goals coming from Graham Dorrans, Darren Fletcher, and two goals from Christophe Berra. Next we played Croatia away, AGAIN managing a 2-2 draw, the same result as last time, goals coming from Steven Fletcher and Charlie Mulgrew. Draw again as we played Serbia for the first time, only managing a 1-1 draw, with Graham Dorrans scoring our goal. next was a friendly against Holland...WE WON! what a game! 4-3 we won, goals from Dirk Kuyt (o.g) Alan Hutton, Christophe Berra and Steven Fletcher. We took our winning streak to Montenegro on another friendly and won 3-0, Steven Fletcher getting his second Scotland Hat-trick! next we welcomed Wales to Hampden, for the World Cup Qualifier match, we managed a 1-1 draw, with Robert Snodgrass scoring our goal. After Wales we went to Belgium and were beaten 2-0, poor poor game. We welcomed Macedonia next to Hampden and thrashed them 6-2, Steven Fletcher getting his 3rd Scottish Hat-trick, Robert Snodgrass, Gary Mackay-Steven and James Morrison also getting on the score sheet! Another draw as we went to Serbia, this time 2-2, Steven Fletcher scoring again and also Kenny McLean getting on the score sheet. A friendly match saw us face Hungary and we managed a 1-1 draw, Kenny McLean getting on the score sheet again. Last game of 2013 saw us face Romania in a 1-1 draw where Steven Fletcher got our only goal.

And Now You're Updated! we're now into 2014 with the European Championship Qualifiers starting soon, here's our group:
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It's a challenging group but hopefully we can have a decent campaign and qualify!

thanks for reading guys, 2014/15 update out soon!