Jun 3, 2013
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I've just started my first season as Borussia Dortmund. I have the lowly transfer budget of £2.7m. I'm sure many of you have played as Dortmund so I was wondering if anyone has any advice about what to do in this first transfer window? Should I sell a big name? Should I try and get players on loan?

Any suggestions about players would be much appreciated!
PS I am using Raikan007's Borussia Dortmund tactic and my team at the moment is






I like playing Dortmund, they have a great work ethic.

A couple of tips:

Blaszywotski is a brilliant defensive winger, with Grosskeutz as backup. Set him to Move into Channels.

Lewandowski will leave after 2 seasons. You can offer him 10million a week, it won't make any difference (there is a check box in the Editor called "Will Leave at End of Contract". His is ticked). So either sell him asap, or watch him walk for free. Kevin Volland is a perfect replacement, although at 19 he is a little young.

Arsenal usually come in with a large offer for Subotic. You are short of centre backs anyway, so unless you have a great replacement lined up, reject the offer. Jores Okore can be had cheap. Toby Alderweireld (spelling) is also great. Another very good cheap option is Stefan Strandberg (you need Norway loaded to find him).

You are a little short at left back, although Grosskreutz can cover. Check out Jetro Willems - only 18 and a future star.
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I have a save going with Dortmund, didn't buy anyone in the first season but just used young players that they have like Moritz Leitner and Leonardo Bittencourt, who both turn in to really good players. I won the league the first 4 seasons and reached at least the Champions League Quarter Finals in each of those, I've never won the German Cup though lol.

I sold Lewandowski at the end of the 1st season as he wouldn't sign a new contract, I got £34M for him and with that I bought Kevin Volland who has been quality! I also sold Bender at the end of the 3rd season as I play Gundogan and Leitner in CM, I mainly just invest in youth and bring people up from the youth set up as well.
When I managed Dortmund, I actually focused my transfer budget on improving my coaching staff. They already have a really strong roster of players, so I felt the best way to use the very modest budget was by getting a good coaching staff in place and worrying about improving my players in year 2.