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Download: Kit Template with sponsor logos

Feb 6, 2013
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Greetings, all

One of the things that's always annoyed me about Football Manager is that you can't change your kit in-game. The next best thing is to create new kits in photoshop and swap them in on a season by season basis, or when you get new kit sponsorship (whichever your prefer). To speed up this process, I've adapted some of the kit templates found in this thread to form a new template that also incorporates a section for a club badge and for a sponsor logo.

I made this with the team Rangers in mind, so it'll take a small amount of work to configure it with another club - you'll want to change the club badge and the base colour, and you might want to change the colour of the some of the logos (easily done in Photoshop with Layers > Layer Style > Color Overlay). There's 40 different sponsors to choose from and an absolute plethora of styles - the styles courtesy of the previous templates by hammer9, Yoz, raffney87, etc.

First up, here are some examples of what you can do with this template:

You can also make away kits with it:

All of those previews were Nike as the manufacturer, but I've also included manufacturer logos for Adidas, Reebok, Puma and Umbro - useful if you like to change kit when the game gives you a new kit sponsor.

Last, but not least, the download link:


I hope that you find this useful. If it's not to your tastes, please understand that I made this initially just for myself, but decided to share it anyway.