Sep 12, 2017
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Hi there,

I'm doing a World Cup using FM's draft mode - where each nation can only pick players based in its leagues (so for example Gareth Bale would be eligible for Spain rather than Wales). So far, I have done the qualifiers - from this upcoming weekend I'll be starting the tournament proper.

Here's the link for the first episode - at the end of each one should be a link to the next: Introduction - Hypo FM

Personally I've found it really exciting to play, so I'm hoping to have as many readers for when the finals begin. I'm also hoping to be able to use FM18 to do the same tournament over the next year, to tie in with the real World Cup.

Let me know what you think!

Edit: I should also add, each Qualification Group (there's 12 in total) has a vote at the end with the best three goals, which you can see in GIF form. Also the latest post (Finals draw & preview) has a chance for you to vote on who you think will get through each group.
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This is glorious. I'm only on the second article but I'll keep a-readin'.

Come on Yorkshire!
Pretty nice. xD

  • Group G: Portugal, Czechia, Romania, Norway, Baltic Nations, Central America
Good luck, Romania!
Alot off effort has gone into this and a nice layout too.

Be a shame if you didnt see it through to its conclusion.
Cheers guys. I don't think there's much chance of it not being played through to its conclusion, as I've already played it up until the semi-finals, and written up the matches (I'm dying to play the final matches to see who wins, but I'm going to leave those until I've got the rest online).
The finals of the Draft World Cup are underway! Group A - Hypo FM

First group features Italy, Portugal, Turkey and Central Africa. I'm going to be doing an update once every two days for the next couple of weeks to get through the groups, then it's the knockout stages.
I'm up to the final round of group games now.

In keeping with how they're done in real life, I am writing about both matches simultaneously, which hopefully adds a degree of drama to it.

The first of these involves the resolution of England's group: Final matches of Groups A & B - Hypo FM
I uploaded the second round over the weekend, and the quarter finals go up in an hour or so. You can see the latest articles here:

This is where the tournament gets interesting, IMO - there's some really dramatic matches in these rounds (I won't say who, in case anyone wants to read from the start).
I am now working on this year's Draft World Cup - I am hoping to time it with the actual World Cup, but we'll see how feasible it is.

The big change is that I've been able to create teams for (almost) every country in the world, so there's no more combined sides, like Central Asia or Baltic Nations.

This means that I am doing qualification like in real life, with each continent having its own tournaments.

I'm 7 episodes in at the moment, you can find all the episodes so far here:

So far, only one side has managed to qualify.
This is awesome. If you're doing this on FM18 though, I'd recommend having the article moved over to the FM18 Story board so you get more comments.
This is awesome. If you're doing this on FM18 though, I'd recommend having the article moved over to the FM18 Story board so you get more comments.
Oh yes, I didn't notice that this board was FM17-specific - cheers!