Feb 22, 2011
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Dreaming a Dream-A Football Manager Story

I crumpled the can and dropped it at my feet, I stood up andtook the short trip to the fridge, I grabbed the handle and pulled the fridgeopen I then proceeded to scan the shelves. What was normally full of alcoholic beverages (usually Fosters or Magners)was bereft of activity.

“****” I groaned.

I left the tiny, cramped, stained kitchen and made my way tothe passage to grab my keys and wallet; I picked it up and instantly realizedsomething was wrong. Since my unemploymentand possible alcoholism, I’d come to learn (even before looking inside) whetheror not I had enough money to get a six pack of beer (whatever was on offer at Tesco’s), it felt as if I didn’t and as I opened it my instincts were provedcorrect, no funds not even a quid! Brilliant.

Well, judging by the fact I have time on my hands and aredecently sober and pretty bored I’ll introduce myself.
My name is Matthew Hawkins, I’m twenty-five years of age andcurrently unemployed after my old employers Woolworths went under. I’m passionate about football and loveCardiff City FC, however I wasn’t a really good player and was never ANYWHEREnear joining my beloved City or even Newport County. I knew what I wanted to do with the ball,what I wanted others to do etcetera, but I could never do it, so I turned tocoaching, well managing if I’m honest, and, as soon as I got the money sorted,I went on the required courses for the badges. I put my name forward for each vacancy possible, from manager ofNewcastle United to Reserves coach at ******* East Stirlingshire, noreply. I guess it was a bit foolish toonly apply for jobs in football, but it’s my dream to emulate the top managersand become a hero to fans across the land.

Well that’s me and I’m continuing my dream.
Dreaming a Dream-A Football Manager Story

was obsessed with getting a job in football management, and,each time Sky Sports or the BBC announced a manager had been sacked, or hadleft his club, I jumped on the computer and typed up my reply. For foreign sides, I thanked my education (wewere taught French, Spanish and German) and Google Translate to form myapplication.

It’s not that I didn’t like the other jobs on offer it’sjust I NEEDED a job in football to be happy. I’d manage anywhere, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, anywhere. I enjoyed looking through football forums,especially as many of them have members who are well informed, and this iswhere I find clubs with vacancies.

I decided to go onto the internet, to see all the rumoursand if there were any managerial vacancies, it was January after all.

I opened a tab reading foreign football and looked throughthe topics, and selected one entitled Lech Poznan.

Poznan coach Mariusz Ramak has left Lech Poznan, itread. There was a link beneath it, and Iclicked on it.
Lech Poznan’s manager Mariusz Ramak has left the Polish sidedue to “family reasons”

The Pole, 35, has left the club in 4th​ position,was knocked out of the Polish FA Cup in the 3rd​ Round and the EuropaLeague at the group stage.

However the club famous for doing “The Poznan” have deniedlinks to sacking the manager, releasing on the website that the 35 year old wasstruggling with health problems.

“We here at Lech Poznan are deeply saddened to see Mariuszleave.” Said a club spokesperson “He was a great servant to our club, and we hopethat he has a speedy recovery from his problems. Meanwhile the chairman, Jacek Rutkowski, willmeet with club directors to decide on which man will be chosen to take the clubforward.”

Lech are one of Poland’s biggest clubs and have a good squadfor the level.

However could this lead to a poisoned chalice?

The article ended there.

Another application form to write up then.

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Dreaming A Dream-A Football Manager Story
27TH OF JUNE 2012

Yeah, my application to Lech didn’t go very well, my GoogleTranslate skills failed me and I apparently labelled their captain a “pigeating infidel” and lost any chance of getting that job. I think it was a good thing, not getting thejob in Poland, yeah, I’d get used to it after a while but it would be differentto Britain, right? Plus there was thelanguage barrier and all that, it wasn’t worth the hassle.

So I looked for jobs closer to home and, what do you know,Nigel Clough leaves Derby County. Iadored Brian Clough when I was younger despite being born towards the end ofhis reign. But Derby despite falling onhard times recently was still a big club, a good Championship side who could bemoulded. I sent off my application andhoped for the best, and, they replied within days, saying they would love tohave me for an interview. A start atleast.

I drove up to Derby for the interview, it wasn’t very longand I hope that the suit was suitable for an interview. I made sure it was in black and whitebecause, you know, that’s there colours. I waited in reception until someone came to greet me.

Derby County
“Matthew Hawkins?” asked the man

“Yes” I replied

“Follow me”

I followed down a long corridor with pieces of historyplastered along the walls, watching from the formation of County, to now.

We stopped outside a bid wooden door that read chairman andI carefully stepped in.

“Ah! Mr. Hawkins I presume? I’m Andy Appleby chairman of this footballclub.” Came a voice from behind a desk stacked with papers.

“Y-Yes” I stuttered

“Come in lad! Take aseat! Here!” He said drawing up a chair. “Right, let’s get down to business then shallwe? I hear you want the top job at thisgreat club, but what do you think you’ll bring to the club, the fans and thegreat city of Derby?” He asked

“Well, as an inexperienced manager I feel I can bring ahunger and passion to the club that no other can and that I will have the driveto take them to the top!” I exclaimed,almost shouting at Mr Appleby.

“Now that’s the spirit I love to see lad! Where do you think you can take this club,short-term and long-term?” He asked

“Well I feel I can consolidate this year and use the youngtalents here at Derby to launch a promotion push and attack on the PremierLeague in a few year’s time.”

“Hmmmm” he said “Well, you’re full of pride and ambition, I’llgive you that, funds here are pretty tight so, if you’d sign here please.” Mr Appleby pushed a piece of paper towardsme.

I read through the sheets and signed it

“Matthew Hawkins, you are now manager of Derby CountyFootball Club, you will be given a transfer budget of 250K and a wage budget of138K.”

“Thank you Mr Appleby, you won’t regret it” I stuttered indisbelief

“I hope I don’t, son, I hope I don’t” He muttered under hisbreath.
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Sorry about lack of updates recently a I have been away.
Dreaming A Dream-A Football Manager Story

Andy and I stood outside a white door leading into the pressroom; we waited until the small press officer counted down to one and told usto go in.
We walked into a room of flashing cameras, before sitting ata long table, my eyes barely adjusted to the light. Andy then stood up.
Andy Appleby-“Hello everyone, and thank you for coming, wehere at Derby County would like you to welcome our new manager, Mr MatthewHawkins!”
Many journalists’ hands were up, the press officer pickedone at random and he asked his question.

Mark O’Neill (Radio 5 Live)-You sithere as manager of Derby, is this your dream job?

Me-I’m extremely happy and grateful that Mr Appleby hasgiven me this opportunity

Steve Darby (The Daily Mirror)-Howinvolved will you be in the day-to-day running of Derby?

Me-I’d loveto be as involved as it is possible for me to be.

Steve Jones(Kick!)-Where some managers are famous for a hands-on approach, and some prefera more reserved role, what will you be like?

Me-I thinkthat footballers should be treated like normal people you’d meet in the street,and I think that they should behave like that; any egos will be left at thedoor of this club.

Michael Francis (The People)-The last few seasons have been troubling, miserable andeasy to forget for Derby, do you think you can take them out of mid-table?

Me-I think that, with money spent in the right areas of the club, there’s no reason why we can’t have a bright future

Michael Francis-What trophy will you be trying to compete the best in?

Me-Well obviously the nPower Championship, a cup run would be nice, however it couldtire the players, so yes the Championship will be my main focus point.

Steve Jones-What kind of football will you play here at Derby?

Me-I want to keep the ball on the deck, I’ll have a better idea when I meet the squad andstaff, but ideally I’d love to see good football.

Neil Williamson (TeamTALK)-What kinds of transfers will you be making, will yousplash the cash?

Me-I don’thave a preference, but I will go in search of some cheaper options

Mr Applebystood again.

“Thank youfor your time, lads, Mr Hawkins has to go and meet his squad.”

I stood andwalked out the door.

“You didreally well, lad!” Mr Appleby exclaimed evidently happy

“Yeah, youwere really good, Matthew” smiled the press officer, she was nice, I decided,and pretty good-looking too….. Mythoughts drifted off.

“Matthew?” MrAppleby asked “Are you still with us? Come on I’ll take you to see Mr Crosby.”

I met withGary Crosby and he told me who he thought the best and worse players were. After looking at the squad I decided weneeded a defensive midfielder, and to send one or two of the hot prospects outon loan, Mason Bennett in particular.

I sat downwith the scouting team after that, I asked them to get a DM, however one scout alreadyhad an idea.

“How about thatboy, oh what’s his name, Jay Tabb at Reading?” He asked

JWhen I got home I thought abou Jay Tabb he's a decent player and could easily cut it in the Championship. I opened a book of numbers Mr Appleby hadgiven me and found the Reading manager’s number.

“Hello, isthis Brian McDermott? I’m calling about theavailability of your player Jay Tabb…..

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I am. You'll get more viewers as you write more pages. Many people don't read until there is at least 5 pages. Keep going pal. :)
I am reading it still its a great start and very good detail. Keep it up
Loving the story ,a great read ,keep it up !
Dreaming A Dream-A Football Manager Story

stepped out onto the training pitch and my feetimmediately sunk into the ground, it had rained heavily the night before, Iheard it coming down outside my room in the local Travelodge, beautiful British summer I thought,squelching my way down nearer the touchline. It was around ten o’clock in the morning and the players ran throughtheir familiar warm-up routine, they didn’t even notice as I stepped out in mybrand new Derby County tracksuit.

“Alright, Boss” shouted Gary Crosby, my assistant “You want todo anything with ‘em?”

“No, thanks Gary, I’ll just watch for today, what time doestraining end?” I replied

“Around two-ish, Boss, why d’you ask?” He replied

“Tell them that they’re finishing at twelve, today, I wantto meet them all and ask a few questions.” I ordered my assistant

“Al-alright Boss, I’ll see to it.” He said, astounded by the sudden change inroutine he quickly regained his composure and turned on his heel, “right lads,you’re finishing at twelve today, the new Boss wants to speak to y’all” he bellowed.

A few were happy about this and others just carried on, their faces stone cold, like robots or an armymarching past a dignitary or monarch. Icontinued to stand there, even when it started chucking it down at around 10:45;I stood there in silence, witnessing the training, from passing, to heading, tofitness and then to small-sided games. One of the main points I noticed and wrote down into a little pad, wasthat the training was one-size-fits-all, you had sprints were nippy wingers werethrashing, big, bulging centre-halves and then heading practice where thetables were turned and the wingers didn’t get a whiff. It was cruel to be honest.

I stayed with the players until one talking to them at length about more than just the club, I wanted to know their phone number, house number, wife’s name, kids names, what was their favourite kind ofbeer, etc. I liked most of the players and they seemed to have the right attitude to push the club forward.
However one player annoyed me and looked likea future trouble maker who, if I rested him for one game, would kick up a fusslike a baby who’d dropped their favourite toy. He walked in, thinking he was the best thing since sliced bread, hewalked in, hands down the front of his trousers (sorry, tracksuit bottoms) andthe back end halfway down his ****, he had more “bling” than a jewellers andmore sovereign than Argos. He hadheadphones on and was chewing gum; he walked up to me desk and held out a fist.

“Safe, man” he said, I swear I thought he was joking I evenlet a chuckle escape my lips, before seeing Gary Crosby shaking his head, thisobviously isn’t a joke.

“What?” I asked “Are you joking?”

“What do you mean, man?” he said putting his feet on the desk

“All this, it has to be a joke” I said

“Nah, this is how I am, bruv” he said, I could feel angerbubbling inside of me, was this guy for real? I noticed the rest of the squad watch in horror and suspense, trying toguess what was going to happen

“Get out.” I told him stubbornly

“Why?” He replied, shocked

“Get out, Nathan.” I replied

“Nah, bro, I’m stayin here.” Replied Nathan Tyson

“Get out, before I kick you to ******* Scotland” I screamed “Losethe attitude, the “bling” and don’t call me bruv, bro, man EVER again, if you do you’ll be out of this club quicker than a sprinter out of the blocks.”

“I’m not losing this, my Swag” he replied obviously enraged,before turning and leaving. I didn’tknow what happened, I just snapped, people like that really get on my nerves, Ican’t handle all this “swag, gangster” ****. I just wanted to get those kind of people out of the club, no matter how good they were.
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Dreaming A Dream-A Football Manager Story

I sat in my little apartment (part of my deal with Derby),well actually apartment makes it sound better than it is, it was a flat room,the kind Uni students live in, well the mess suggested as much, I guess whatthat I could make an effort to make it look better, but at the end of the daythere was a bed, toilet, shower, oven and fridge what else do you need otherthan food, Ikea chairs and a tele? Iguess I could tidy the place up, but, where’s the point, really? I had these thoughts because, at the end ofthe day, I was bored.

I had stayed behindat the ground for an hour or two looking through numerous dossiers on theplayers, I added my own notes about players, there was a range of differentcomments about the players, going from **** to Kiss-**** to Alright, NigelClough (son of Old Big ‘Ead), my predecessor , had written notes on the playerstoo, however they were vague like treat the right way or stay on his side, Icouldn’t always stay on a player’s side, that’s favouritism, actually, when Ihad thought about it in the office I remembered Mr Appleby saying somethingabout favourites.

Anyway that’s all I did in the office, look through dossiersthat had been prepared for me by my coaching staff, each of my scouts hadwritten one on every player, as had Gary Crosby, my assistant, most of themmade for similar reading, the scouts thought that Jamie Ward was our bestplayer and that we could greatly improve in the positions of left-back and thedefensive part of our midfield (especially as Gareth Roberts was getting on abit). I had left to go home after all myscouts and now it’s five o’clock and as I said before I’m bored, just as I wasmulling over the dossiers I heard my phone ring, I hurried over and picked itup.

I read the name on the screen

I picked the phone up

“Hi Boss!” I heard anexuberant voice down the phone

“Alright John?” I asked “why do you call?”

“Me and some of the lads have been planning for a night outfor a while, but because of your appointment pre-season was brought forward abit, but we were wondering if you’d let us go?” John asked, almost grovelling with his tone of voice, I wasn’t sure should I or shouldn’t I? It was atoughie but I needed a decision

“Sure John, just don’t do anything stupid” I said, hoping I wouldn’t regret it

“Thanks Boss” John replied

“Who’s going?” I asked him

“Me, Frankie (Fielding), Tom (Naylor), Conor (Sammon) and Richie (Richard Keogh), actually Boss, do you wanna come?” John asked

“Not sure I should” I replied “could be bad press and stufffor the club” I told him, seeing whether or not he was serious

“Come on, Boss it’ll be a laugh” he almost pleaded with me down the phone

“Oh, go on then” I said, not sure if I'd regret my decision

“That’s brill, Boss; we’ll pick you up at seven.” John exuberantly replied, before ending the call.

I had my doubts after and my brain was playing tug-of-war over mydecision before seven, when the carpulled up at seven, I came to a decision, sod it, I thought grabbing a nice shirt and trousers before heading out of my door and to John’s car.

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Dreaming A Dream-A Football Manager Story

I awoke to the phone ringing, I looked at the clock,expecting it to be ten and that I was late, 07:00 it read, ****! Something must have happened, and if it was thistime, it must have been bad I picked the phone.

“MATTHEW!!!!!” a male voice screamed down the phone “GETYOUR **** DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!”

“W-What” I stuttered “who is this?”

“IT’S YOUR BOSS; NOW GET THE **** DOWN HERE!!” He screamed,****, it was Mr Appleby and the way he was screaming something bad was going onor this was some kind of prank.

“Huh?” I asked “what’s going on?”

“Just get down here!” came another voice of anger beforeending the call.

What was going on? Had I done something, I’m sure I didn’t do anything last night didI? No, I can’t remember anythingspecific, but is that a bad thing? Was Ithat drunk, I didn’t feel hung over; I poured a glass of water anyway, just incase, before grabbing a pair of tracksuit bottoms and Derby training top (wellwhat I hoped was a Derby training top) and hurried to find my keys and get tothe ground floor of the flat complex with my car keys in hand and running to myhalf broken Ford Anglia and beginning to drive off towards the ground.

I got there quite quickly minutes wise, however every passingsecond felt like hours to me to get to this pressing meeting with Mr Appleby, Iparked wherever and got out, media people everywhere and when I got out camerasstarted snapping and BBC Derbyshire came to try and get “a few words”, I toldthem no and started jogging into the stadium and up to the chairman’s office. I knocked and heard “come in”.

Mr Appleby slapped a newspaper on the table.

“WHAT DO YOU CALL THIS?!” He shouted, his face red, veins almost exploding out of his skin. I looked down at the newspaper and read theheadline.

View attachment 347340

Derby County Star Nathan Tyson In Police Custody After AssaultingFan In Nightclub

“What on earth…” I said beginning a sentence

“THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING!” Mr Appleby screamed(he really was into his screaming and shouting today) “I want you to go down tothe Police Station now!” he said, calming ever so slightly

“B-but why can’t we just” I began

“THIS INSTANT!” Getting more frustrated every second

“I presume he’s transfer-listed?” I asked

“Oh, he’s more than transfer-listed” Mr Appleby said coldly.

I walked out of the office, opened my car door and satinside, I started motoring away from the ground and aimed towards the LocalPolice Station, I got out and walked into the Police Station and walked up tothe receptionist.
“I would like to see Nathan Tyson?” I asked

“Yes, just this way, Sir” replied the policewoman, pointingto the right, I started walking “um, you need to fill out this form first” Iturned and sighed, filled it out, wasting another ten minutes.

“Thank you” she smiled
I walked until I saw him, moping in his cell.
“I’m sorry, Boss” he started

“You’d better be, Nathan, you’re lucky the fan isn’tpressing charges, Christ, we’d really be in it then.” I told him

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done” he started before I cut himoff again

“What I would like to know, Nathan, is why did you do it?” Iasked him

“He said I was ****, Boss” he said and then started sobbing,and sobbed, and sobbed.

“Well, what are you going to do?” I told him “every time afan calls you ****? Are you going tomarch into the crowd and punch him in the face?!?!”

“I’m sorry Boss” he started again

“Oh don’t say you’re sorry and start packing your bags you’releaving this club.” I said. I then turned and left him sobbing in the Police Station

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Dreaming A Dream-A Football Manager Story

The controversy surrounding Nathan Tyson made the nationalpapers, but only for a day or two, and it was on Sky Sports News, you can tellthere’s sod all happening in football if we were the main article. It carried on in the local paper for a weekor so before it lost all of its legs, and it impaired our pre-season heavily,all that Nathan Tyson had succeeded in doing was make my job even harder thanit already was.

However as the only football news coming out of Derby concernedNathan Tyson, I could keep all of my deals under wraps. I signed six players to add depth and qualityto our squad, I did as Mr Appleby asked and wrote up a little thing about themon the computer

View attachment 347423

STATUS-Will be first-teamer ahead of Gareth Roberts

View attachment 347424

STATUS-Possible first-team, will be rotated with JeffHendrick in the midfield

View attachment 347421

FEE-LOAN (Possibly buy for £1m)
STATUS-First team, up front or on the wing

View attachment 347419

STATUS-Our other winger will play on left or right dependingon injuries and suspensions

View attachment 347418

STATUS-Will be back-up to Richard Keogh

View attachment 347417

STATUS-He’s a signing for the future, might be loaned out

We allowed a few youngsters to leave on loan and I had towrite this list up as well.
Kieron Freedman-Swindon
Josh Lelan-Doncaster
Tom Naylor-Scunthorpe
Valentin Gjokaj-Preston

View attachment 347411
View attachment 347412We had to say goodbye to two other players, we allowed JoshAtkins to leave on a free to Yeovil Town, he had no future at this club inmine, and my scout’s opinions. He hadspent 8 years at Derby, making only one league appearance.

View attachment 347413
View attachment 347414We also sold a player for money, allowing Theo Robinsonleave for the middle-of-nowhere in Ipswich Town for £1,000,000, which is justabove what I valued him at. He had spenttwo years at Derby, one on loan and one as a permanent transfer, scoring 12goals in 52 appearances.
Now all of the transfers are cleared onto the pre-seasonfriendlies.

View attachment 347403

“A nice way to start our pre-season by defeating ourreserves convincingly 3-0, a good chance to see more or less the whole side inaction”

View attachment 347406
Bennett (4) --------McKay
“We beat cash-strapped and recently demoted Rangers easilydismantling them at home 5-2, Mason Bennett grabbing four”

View attachment 347407

Evans (penalty) -----Coutts
“We began our Welsh tour with a less than convincing win atNewtown, we had the Lion’s share of possession, and unfortunately this didn’tmean goals”

View attachment 347408

“The last game against Welsh opposition ended with a two-nilwin against Bala, we get possession but don’t score much, is this going to be aproblem?”

View attachment 347409

Kee (penalty) -----------Bryson
“Same again away to Burton, good possession, only two goals,it looks as if Jamie Ward and Jamie Mackie could be crucial this year”

View attachment 347410

“A decent way to end pre-season with a draw at home to theSpanish side, overall it’s been a good pre-season, with 4 wins and 2 draws from6 games”
Dreaming A Dream-A Football Manager Story

st of August 2013

I had a bit of money to spend after selling Theo Robinsonfor £1,000,000 to Ipswich Town, so I decided to reinvest some of that millionback into the squad.

View attachment 348555

STATUS-Will contest with Frankie Fielding for starting role
View attachment 348558
STATUS-Youngster at the moment, could prove a good back-upif we don’t loan him out somewhere

View attachment 348560

STATUS-Pretty much the same as Oscar, unless we loan himout, he may prove to be a capable back-up and add vital depth to our squad

SERGI GOMEZView attachment 348563

STATUS-This lad is brilliant, he could easily fit into oursquad now and has excellent potential, an amazing prospect

SALVAView attachment 348566

STATUS-The oldest of the group whom have been labelled “TheFour Amigos” by local press, who are deep in the Spanish Segunda Division B4,possibly the worst but a great back-up

Well, I’ve flogged off two players a good servant in JakeBuxton to Wolves, and that **** Nathan Tyson to Wolves as well, for £500,000and £700,000 respectively.
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View attachment 348568

We began our season with a game in the League Cup FirstRound at home to Fleetwood Town, newly-promoted from the Conference, shouldhave been a fairly easy victory.

View attachment 348569

WARD (4) -----------PARKIN


We began the game, and before I knew it, we were one-nildown, oh God, I was thinking, what have I let myself in for, to befair, JON PARKIN (2nd minute) scored a decent goal, but that isn’thow I saw it, Fleetwood’s travelling fans were jubilant and I didn’t know whatto do. Luckily we rallied around and on37 minutes, we equalised with a JAMIE WARD diving header, suddenly we were in controland it was no wonder when HOGAN EPHRAIM grabbed his first goal for the clubwith a volley in first-half injury time. We kicked on after the break as JAMIE WARD grabbed his second of theevening on 81 minutes, and then secured his hat-trick on 87 minutes, he thencapped of a man-of-the-match performance with his fourth and our fifth in the90th minute.
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We visited London Road as underdogs against Peterborough, itstarted as an end-to-end game until JAMIE WARD, opened the lock to the Peterboroughdefence and put us ahead on 35 minutes with a splendid drive just inside theirpenalty area. However they soon repliedwith MICHAEL BOSTWICK, scoring a 20-yard free-kick on 37 minutes, the meaningof instant reply, it continued to be an end-to-end game with us having a smalledge in the proceedings up until 74 minutes in when Mackie was about 20 yardsout, he played it back 25 yards to MATTHEW BRIGGS (so 45 yards out), he crossedit towards the far post, where it went in, it was the fluckiest goal I had eversaw, but it earned us three points, so who cares?
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Our first league home game of the season and we facednewly-promoted Huddersfield Town on a wet Tuesday night, we dominated the game,but couldn’t find the breakthrough until 62 minutes in when JAMIE MACKIE scoreda diving header from a free-kick from substitute Hogan Ephraim, the two QPRloanees combining to win the game for us. We battered them; we had 63% possession, 13 shots to their 5, having theonly clear cut chance etc. A goodcontrolled victory.
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Redmond-----------------Sammon (2)


We visited St Andrews for our third game of the season, wewent one-nil down on 35 minutes when NATHAN REDMOND, beat a few of our defendersbefore beating Fielding. Two minutes laterthough, CONOR SAMMON, grabbed an equaliser after Hendrick’s shot was parried byJack Butland, Sammon reacted first and then beat the young keeper. Loanee JAMIE MACKIE then gave us the lead on65 minutes, before CONOR SAMMON rounded Butland to double our advantage, it wasplain sailing until the 82nd minute where NIKOLA ZIGIC gave us thejitters with a well-timed header., but we prevailed, winning 3-2.

View attachment 348574


This match was an extremely tight affair, with neither sidegaining an early advantage. However on65 minutes, SAM BALDOCK grabbed a goal for Bristol City, and put the Robins’noses in front, but the lead didn’t last long, Derby County midfielder, CRAIGBRYSON, volleyed home a lovely Matthew Briggs cross. This goal took us to extra-time; Jon Steadthought he had scored the winner for Bristol City on 94 minutes when he beatFrankie Fielding, however in the 113th minute JAMIE WARD equalisedfor Derby, ensuring this game went to penalties.
DERBY COUNTY---------------------BRISTOL CITY

And you know who we'll face?
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**** OFF

View attachment 348551
With 6 goals in five games and an average rating of 7.08,Jamie just piped name-sake Mackie to the post.

MY OPINION-“An excellent month, winning all three leaguegames and sitting second with nine points behind Crystal Palace is brilliant,also getting through to the Third Round of the League Cup on penalties is agood acheivment.”
Great style of presenting mate, love the narrative, keep it up! will be following. hows Will hughes turning out for you?
Great style of presenting mate, love the narrative, keep it up! will be following. hows Will hughes turning out for you?
Thanks, mate, Will Hughes has been injured for two games and Ephraim has kept him out of the side
Dreaming a Dream-A Football Manager Story


View attachment 356581
We began September 2nd place in the league behindCrystal “More Make-Overs than the Kardashians” Palace, and wished to maintainour form and possibly claim top spot.

View attachment 356582
DERBY COUNTY 0-1 BRISTOL CITY-Attendance-29,366
-------------------------Davies (16)
We were second best from the start of our second matchagainst the Bristolians of the season, and it was inevitable that they wouldtake the lead, and STEVEN DAVIES provided the opener 16 minutes in with adownward header at the back post, from a Greg Cunningham corner. We came out for the second-half and wereslightly better, but it was a terrible game, and we offered nothing.

View attachment 356583

HULL CITY 1-0 DERBY COUNTY-Attendance-20,688
Simpson (23)
A carbon copy of the game against Bristol, we trotted out atthe KC in front of 20,000 fans and allowed the hosts to boss us around, JAYSIMPSON, was put through by Faye and he duly slotted it away. Again we came out for the second half andwere marginally better, but we failed to change the result. We must improve our form to try and attainpromotion.

View attachment 356586

DERBY COUNTY 2-2 CARDIFFCITY-Attendance-24,272
Coutts (11) ------------Kim (3, 27)
Ward (pen 20)
My boyhood club visited Pride Park and the two sides leftwith a fair point each. KIM BO-KUYNG opened the scoring after three minutes,scoring from a tight angle, after a good ball from Irishman Joe Mason. However we were soon level as PAUL COUTTShammered a free-kick home 11 minutes in. We then took the lead on 20 minutes in when Hogan Ephraim surged pastIceland captain Aron Gunnarsson and took a shot, David Marshall then parried itonly for it to fall to Jamie Ward, who was thusly upended by Matthew Conolly,the referee gave the spot-kick and JAMIE WARD, grabbed a goal. The lead was not to last however as onlyseven minutes later KIM BO-KUYNG grabbed his second of the game after HeidarHelguson squared it across goal.

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BURNLEY 1-2 DERBY COUNTY-Attendance-12,910
Wallace (70)—Ward (pen 14)
--------------------Mackie (72)
We visited the land of the pies when we travelled to TurfMoor, searching for our first win of the month. We soon took the lead when Sam Vokes pushed Richard Keogh in the boxafter 14 minutes JAMIE WARD then safely converted the spot-kick. The game continued in an end-to-end fashionuntil ROSS WALLACE equalised with a free-kick. However we soon took the leadagain when on 72 minutes JAMIE MACKIE headed home a Will Hughes cross to winthe game.

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------------------------Rooney (pen 15)
England’s (arguably) best and most successful club came totown to contest a League Cup 3rd Round tie. We had to change our tactics for this game,becoming more disciplined as to not make silly mistakes and allow AntonioValencia and Ashley Young to punish us by whipping in crosses and setting upWayne Rooney or Tom Cleverley. Unfortunately, Fulham loanee, Matthew Briggs, made a costly error ofjudgement by tripping Antonio Valencia in the box and allowing England strikerWayne Rooney a chance to put United 1 up, which he did. However I’m pleased with how the team playedand Frankie Fielding was excellent earning the Man of The Match award.

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SAMMON (4) ------- NUGENT (53)
WARD (73) ---------- WOOD (64)
Midlands rivals Leicester City came to Pride Park today aswe resumed our nPower Championship duties. We got off to a fine start when Conor Sammon scored a diving header 4minutes in. We had the upper hand onLeicester until the 53rd minute when Andy King drove a low ball intothe box for DAVID NUGENT to apply the finish. Leicester then took the lead on 64 minutes when David Nugent set CHRISWOOD through, who chipped Frankie Fielding to go 2-1 up. However we equalised eleven minutes laterafter 75 minutes when JAMIE WARD took the ball past Ritchie De Leat and hit ascreamer past Kasper Schmeichel. We thensnatched all three points when Hogan Ephraim set up WILL HUGHES who grabbed ourthird to win the game.

MY OPINION-“Not a bad month, finishing the month in fourthbehind Wolves, we performed well against Manchester United and made a goodaccount of ourselves.”

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Another good month from the Northern Irishman grabbing a fewgoals and assisting a couple himself.
Dreaming A Dream-A Football Manager Story


We started the third month of our season in fourth placeafter picking up our form at the tail-end after a rocky beginning of themonth. I’ve seen many of our signings inaction and they have performed well and slotted into the team and scored.

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LEEDS UNITED 0-0 DERBY COUNTY-Attendance-17,363
It was an extremely bad-tempered affair as Leeds had fiveplayers booked, with Byram, Austin, Brown, Rocha and Warnock receiving a yellowcard from referee, Kevin Friend. Bothsides had an even share of possession however it was a terrible game, withneither side gaining a hold on the game.

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HUGHES (44) --------Jason Lowe sent off after 27 minutes
WARD (89) ---------- Rhodes (90+2)
Well, what can I say? The league leaders and recently relegated Blackburn came to town tocontest a top-of-the-table clash, Rovers were six points clear before the game,at this early stage, and we wanted to reduce the gap to three points. Luckily, this task was made easier as JasonLowe hacked down youngster Will Hughes, diving in with both feet off theground. However, after this, we couldn’tbreak through the strong Blackburn defence, until WILL HUGHES, broke thedeadlock with a volley from an Oscar Plano cross. We couldn’t score another until just beforestoppage time where JAMIE WARD popped up to grab our second. It was a good thing that we grabbed a secondas on 92 minutes, ex-Huddersfield wonder boy, JORDAN RHODES scored from a tight-angleto cut the deficit.

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MILWALL 0-1 DERBY COUNTY-Attendance-10,392
-----------------MACKIE (57)
This was another game we had control of and only won by thesolitary goal. We had the Lion’s shareof possession against (ironically), The Lions at The Den. We continued to press and press, until JAMIEMACKIE scored from a couple of yards after a John Brayford corner. The game continued in the same fashion andnothing happened afterwards.

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DERBY COUNTY 3-2 BARNSLEY-Attendance-22,468
SAMMON (30, 86)—Edwards (45)
EPHRAIM (pen 34) –Harewood (83)
Well, that was close. We took a quick hold on the game against Yorkshire strugglers Barnsley. We quickly took the lead after half an hourafter a brilliant pass from Will Hughes set Irish striker CONOR SAMMON throughon goal where he beat Barnsley keeper Alnwick. Then, only four minutes later, Conor Sammon laid it off to Will Hughes,who was tripped by veteran long-throw specialist, Rory Delap. Without regular penalty-taker Jamie Ward, QPRloanee HOGAN EPHRAIM, stepped up and hammered it home to put us two ahead. We had a tight grip on the game, however weallowed Barnsley back into it by letting ROB EDWARDS through to score at theworst possible time, just before half-time. Despite being in the lead, the team came in demoralised and they thenwent out with the wrong mindset, and inevitably, MARLON HAREWOOD was setthrough to equalise for Barnsley. Butonly two minutes later, substitute Oscar Plano whipped it in where CONOR SAMMONgrabbed his second and won the game for us.

MACKIE (10) --------BRIGGS (OG 36)
We trotted out at Pride Park and we scored almost immediately,when another Brayford corner came in and Mackie tapped home at the farpost. However the game continued as anopenly contested match, and Middlesbrough received a corner of their own on 36minutes, when it came over, a header was saved by Fielding, they then hit thepost, the bar, everything but the net, until a shot hit Matthew Briggs and theball went in.

MY OPINION-“A very good month, as we managed to go unbeatenand to beat a couple of the bigger teams in the league. We also managed to get some awards, as I wonManager of the Month and Will Hughes won Young Player of the Month.”

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England’s brightest prospect for this generation didbrilliantly this month setting up a few of out goals.