Sep 14, 2014
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I started new Arsenal save (15.3.2) and decided that geniuses like Ozil, Sanchez, Wilshere, Ramsey, Cech and rest of the bunch dont fit in any "normal" tactics, so what to do, make a new tactic just for them right?

Now I know lot of you will say try it with Bournemoth or some other lower side and I can tellthem right now that if you want to see Bournemoth drifting then just try it by yourself, as for set pieces since few folks will say its possession tactic with "exploits" to them I can tell that goals from corners are like 5th of total amount so thatisnt that much of a difference.

Now boring part is done with lets move onto the tactic. Tactic looks like simple plain 4-5-1.
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RMD -On left side we have Alexis who is Raumdaetur (idk how to spell that lol) he is one of 3 "finishers", he roams space probing lurking and waiting and then he just drives one in, simple as that
F9 - on False 9 is Giroud, let me tell you right at the begining that Giroud isnt anywhere near perfect for that role, but you have to use what you have, so for this position you need a player who will come deep for the ball draw opposition upon himself and leave AMC and LAM alone, Giroud can pull it off because of his strentght, teamwork and his PPM which tells him to hold the ball, so he can simply hold ball and wait till one of other players goes around him, still I would recommend someone Rooney like, best pick would be Berbatov from glory Spurs days (curse them xD)
W(s) - RIght wing this is a player who supplies your finisher trio with crosses, so whenever you are on the counter chances are he will run the ball and cross for other 3 upfront, you need someone who can run, pass, cross, have stamina to track down etc. I can say Gervinho is doing fine for me, but he is quite pricey (I dont like Walcott lol), for this role think of a player like Tadic but Right foot as main, a good crosser who can also pass and keep possession
RPM - this fella here will mostly start all of your attacks except for counters (obviously) Im switching Ramsey/Wilshere here but for best results think someone like Xavi or Iniesta someone who can create out of nothing who can hit a candlestick across town in the middle of the night, he also needs to have some defensive cappabilities as almost all of the players in this tactic close down heavily so you can keep possession in dangerous areas, IMO Parejo could fit this role really really good.
AP(s) - He comes with support role so he can be of more use in defense, since middlefield needs to both hold ground and make themselves useful in attack phase, who does it better then good ol' AP, As for player for this role think Ramsey, someone who isnt afraid to run and tire himself to death (tho with Ramsey/Wilshere luck with injuryes u never know lol)
FBs - run, cross, pass, tackle, run some more, cross again, close down, run again, someone fast with lots of stamina and good passing stats so you keep possession, I personally use Gaya and he is amazing while Bellerin on the other side is amazing in his own way, he can track down any player, he could track down cheetah mark mine words, basically you are looking for allrounder, Gaya Bernat Alba Alves Clyne (not allrounder but one of the best imo) Mallo can do the job for lower budget teams,
Note on FB's they have different roles so they can cover the space left by attacking bunch.
CB's - These guys are here to stand united like in Judas Priest Shefield utd song lol Fast ruthless defenders who can jump but most importantly track down if someone dribbles past them, they are pretty high up, I mean whole D line is so you dont want Mertesacker on half a field getting dribbled by Hazard do you? Gabriel Paulista Balanta Koscielny Chambers are mine picks so you can use these 4 as examples
GK - Someone who stands among poles while the rest of team tiki takas whole game lol Any good keeper will do just watch his distribution stats a bit because he is set to distribute to FBs

So now it works like this, patiently probe the oposing side and wait untill RMD figures its his turn to spice things up, then when they notice him making a run he usually gets served, few options for him here, Winger crosses onto him, Right FB crosses on him or ST, left FB crosses on his near post run, or he gets amasing heel pass from RPM you never know, most times when RMD scored I was like D****Q!? I havent even payed attention where he was until he scored...
That is it from me Ill just leave tactic here so feel free to try it.
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Oh yeah I forgot to say, sorry for mine lousy English, and all players should have good Workrate since almost everyone closses down so Stamina + WOrkrate = more possession by some logic...
Not atm, Im too busy with real life xD Can't get time to sit on mine PC and give you fellas more details...
you have RMD on the pic.. when u download it is in sideforward support...

RMD is IF (s) because im still experimenting because I want to make most out of mine Sanchez without taking goals scored from mine striker, and without disturbing defensive cappabillities, and as for results, not yet, I'm still unable to get sapre time to enjoy myself and FM :/ Sorry for that
Ok I updated it, fixed all sorts of things, it gave me a good run in Premier Division, Screenshots coming in
OK so as promised screenshots, also, in season 2 I encountered that "Tactic doesnt work" time so I figured out I should have a back up tactic, so as I was researching I decided to try few tactics from other people and found 2 of them that are absolutely amazing! Best thing they are 4-2-3-1, so if anyone is interested I can share where to find those 2 tactics since it seems those creators arent reachable.
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Which 2 tactics did you end up using. Also, tbf you are playing Arsenal, and they have one of the best teams around.
I ended using tactics from FM Scout one is called Wenger style the other is called Benitez style, and as for "Arsenal has one of best teams around" not quite true, you lack good allrounded CB's, you lack at least 2 good FB's, a DM or a holding MC, a true striker, sure Welbeck is fast and good technique and passing wise, but you need someone who can score and lastly Giroud is a monster thats true but lacks speed, so basically you have everything yet you have nothing, and with their injury rate its a tough challenge trust me, it was easier winning BBVA with Valencia then even challenging Barclays with Arsenal and worst thing is every match vs Chelsea Diego Costa turns into Luis Nazario Lima or "old" Ronaldo and bags at least 2 goals... So frankly Arsenal do have potential and money but in first season you absolutely need some new fresh faces.

P.S. I avoid buying players older than 23 only if they are somehow connected to club, like Gervinho to Arsenal for example since he played for them...