Dudek Left Devastated After Robbery


Sep 15, 2005
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Jerzy Dudek has been left devastated by a robbery at his Wirral home as thieves made off with his career's worth of footballing memorabilia - including the Champions League winners medal from Istanbul.
The Polish goalkeeper returned from holiday to find thieves had got away with more than 120 items, including his Champions League final shirt, World Cup 2002 shirt and Worthington Cup final shirt from 2005.

Dudek's car was also taken along with a number of other personal possessions.

A spokesman for Liverpool FC said: "A lot of this stuff which has been stolen is irreplaceable and you can't put a price on it. Jerzy is obviously devastated.

"We are talking about the memorabilia of someone's career and also a lifetime.

"Jerzy was made famous by what he did in the Champions League and for someone to have gone into his house and stolen it is despicable.

The haul included:
  • Champions League 2005 winners' medal
  • More than 100 international and Premiership goalkeeper shirts, including a Champion's League final shirt, World Cup 2002 shirt, and a 2005 Worthington Cup Final shirt
  • Pair of World Cup final goalkeeper's gloves with Dudek's name on the wrist
  • Five pairs of Adidas World Cup goalkeeper gloves, also bearing Dudek's name on the strap
  • A selection of medals including a winner's medal from the 2005 Champions' League, a UEFA Super Cup medal, a 2004 Worthington Cup medal, and other medals
  • A number of limited edition framed pictures
  • Small plasma TV
  • Two gold rings
  • Red limited edition LFC shirt, numbered "1 of 10,000"
  • Frank Muller watch engraved with the words: Champion's League Winner, one of only 36 ever made
  • Rolex watch, Mariner's style, with box, worth £2,500
  • Cartier watch inscribed with the words: 100 Years of the Dutch Football Association
  • Gold Amiga watch with gold face and black strap
  • Gucci men's watch with a blue square face and blue strap
  • Black Porsche Carrera car, worth an estimated £65,000, which has distinctive Polish plates and is a left hand drive and has black alloys
  • Silver strap with a square valued at £6,000

source - liverpoolfc.tv
**** man, that must really suck for him, especially the champions league medal! feel so sorry for him
Harsh on the dude. Hopefully the theives will be caught.

Lee said:
Gold Amiga watch with gold face and black strap

Surely it's supposed to be an Omega watch.
Thats **** hope he gets his shiz back.
Thats just harsh, probably an everton fan, ****** scousers
Thats a shame. Thats a lot of stuff that he lost.
Gutted for him. Losun a CL winners medal is just dvastating
Theiving little bassa's.

He must be really gutted losing all that.
Thats just ****..probably go to a market in Liverpool and it would be on there or ebay or sumat daft. Gutted for Dudek, hope he can get something back at least.