Duke Nukem... Forever

The hilarity in the trailer makes me want to buy it.

*random alien with ******
"... **** I'd still hit it."
if you buy a game only because it ha nude and **** then you are doomed...youjizz is the one for you
seems like quite fun/ comical game. Will consider getting it depending on price
oh is it an old game????didnt know that!!i am 16 and havent heard of it
I remember one Duke Nukem game, you were in this town square and had to shoot pigs, then you kept going to different era's after every level. 'twas hilarious :p
Remember when i used to get my dad to play the original with me when i was a nipper. Quality game...
duke nukem was a massive part of my childhood!!!! Who can forget such lines as "Who wants bacon and eggs" and "I love the smell of bacon in the morning". ******* epic game lol.