Jan 23, 2013
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FM 2013: Dundee FC - Team Guide by Dburnsdundeemad

Recently promoted due to the re-launch of Rangers in the Third Division. The Team finished second in the First Division last season. You have a decent group of players, capable and have the ability to finish 6th or 7th providing luck goes your way in the first season.

Transfer Budget - £0
Wage Budget - Avoid Relegation - £17,750, Mid-table - £19k and Top Half - £19.5k.

Key Players:

Brian Easton - 24 year old DL ,very rarely gets injured can be retrained to ML(better than both Jim McAlister and Ryan Conroy on the wing). Will be head-hunted by Celtic for back up and mid to low table English Championship sides in the second season. Tie him down to a long term contract. DO NOT SELL unless a high bid comes in you do not have a decent back up for this position, as the aging Matt Lockwood 36 declines quickly at the age of 36 and you have no money to spend. Assistant Rating - 4 1/2 Stars

Davide Grassi - 26 year old DC and DL. Main position is DC can provide decent back up to Brain Easton in DL should he get injured or jaded(from to many fixtures, if you do well in the cups), but best to keep him central. An all round solid defender. Assistant Rating - 4 Stars

John Baird - 26 year old ST, can be retrained to AMC as well but no need to do it. Arguably your best striker should the other teams defenders not muscle him out fairly fast for the SPL and a decent finisher to boot. Will do thrive if you sign a tall target man type striker to go with him to nod the ball onto him. Assistant Rating - 4 Stars

Gary Irvine - 26 year old D/WBR. Although rated lower in game than the other players listed here I feel he performs better than players I have signed to replace him. Keep him around even if you do find a good replacement he's not to old and can be good back up untill your into your third or fourth season and in the euro cup. Assistant Rating - 3 1/2 Stars


JP's Simple 4-4-2:
Excellent, balanced tactic ideal for use with your current team and will get you results against everyone except Dundee Utd and Celtic as long as you tinker with it, in match, against your opposing team.

I tend to only use shouts occasionally, i've not found them incredibly useful.

Contain against the bigger teams, Control against smaller teams don't wan't to expose yourself to a Counter Attack as your defenders tend not to be fast enough to cope with them

Players to sell:

Steven Milne - 32 year old ST, Underrated in game, starts to decline quickly. Sell.
Assistant Rating - 2 1/2 Stars
Suggested Price - £10k - 15k (Players don't fetch much in Scotland unless you are a top half team)

Mark Stewart - 24 year old ST, has potential that can't be unlocked at Dundee before he hits 25. Sell.
Assistant Rating - 2 Stars
Suggested Price - £15k - 20k

Neil McGregor - 26 year old SW/DC/DM/MC, Underrated should be Davide Grassi's Partner at the back but SI got his stats wrong.
Assistant Rating - 2 Stars
Suggested Price - £20k - 25k

Declan Gallagher - 21 year old DC, probably won't reach his potential. You could try and develop him by loaning him out in the Second Division but personally I think he's too old to develop.
Assistant Rating - 1 1/2 Stars
Suggested Price - no more than £5k (probably have to release.)

Graham Webster - 20 year old MC, same as above.
Assistant Rating - 5 Gray Stars
Suggested Price - You'll probably have to release him.

John Gibson - 23 year old GK, won't develop. On loan at the moment until January might pick up something but hes Second Division capable and only playing in the Third Division and even with Rangers down there he won't develop much, if at all. Sell in January window for value at the time. Dunfermline usually try to go for him about that time.

Young Players Worth Developing:

Jamie Reid(18) M/AMRL - Rangers will go for him on loan as back up. let him go they have good facilities and coaches, should come back fairly improved. Possible backup in Second and Third Season although you might sign someone. Ability 1.5 Stars, Potential 4.5 stars

Danny Cavanagh(18), Greg Birmingham(18) ST - Both have the potential to become first team players by your third season if you develop them properly. Ability 1 Star,Potential 4.5 Stars.

Leighton McIntosh(19) ST - This guy was in the year below me at school, I saw him play throughout High School and he has ridiculous potential, is very underrated in game in my opinion and already broke into the Dundee first team last season, sadly he has been loaned out this season and he doesn't have quite as much potential as the two above. Celtic and Rangers have been keeping tabs on him in Real-life. Ability 1 Star, Potential 4 Stars

Frankie Lannen(Sometimes)(16) DC - Young with plenty of time to develop him his potential isn't as high as the others and can vary between 2-4 stars, so sometimes he may not be worth your time, but, at the age of 16 you may find if you hit his potential by the time he is 18 it may show he is capable of more. Ability 4.5 Gray Stars, Potential 2 - 4 Stars

I'd like to say at this point these ability and potential readings are based on your original assistants ability so may change on hire of a better one. However, not enough to make a huge difference.

Players to Sign:

Really to your preference but I recommend:
Michael Tidser - 22 year old MC/AMC currently playing for Morton in the First Division he's available fairly cheap as he wants a bigger club so if you can scrape the funds together to sign him ,do it, because your Midfield are all aging and Mark Kerr will start to decline slowly after your first season. Hibs and Killmarnock will try to go after him as well as a few others so watch out.

Other than this you need a replacement goalkeeper for Rab Douglas you should be able to pick one up free, there are a few kicking about that should slot in nicely Iain Turner for example should cut it.

Backroom Staff:

Key Staff - Bobby Geddes - Goalkeeping Coach good goalkeeping coach will do the job. Older supporters of the club will remember him from his playing days, having been one of the better goalkeepers Dundee has had in the last 20 years, he even stepped in at the age of 54 for a couple of games when Dundee were struggling the season before last and Rab was injured. I keep him around out of sheer loyalty to the club after a few seasons as his GK coaching can vary from 14 - 20 usually so it all depends on you luck exactly how useful he is in the long run.

The rest are fairly useless in all fairness you would want to sign a better set of coaches and a better assistant and you have no scouts. However, two of your coaches are also players (Matt Lockwood - D/WBL and Rab Douglas - GK)so either try to switch them over to player only contracts, Lockwood will be your only back up for Easton at left-back unless you can free up funds to sign a replacement and Douglas is your only decent goalkeeper in the team however he is 40 and you will want to sign a replacement (Alex Baird is hard to develop having low determination and work rate and will never get a Work Permit for a contract renewal so if you do develop him hope to god he picks up Scottish Nationality and John Gibson at the age of 23 will never fully develop)

Thank you for reading my guide hope this helps.
I apologize for having no screenshots i'll try get some up to show tactics and and the whole team.
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