Jan 10, 2011
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I have installed this game about 3 months and not played it yet. just waiting for patch.

here my case, when i buy this game DVD. i have created a player and so on with skill and more...
then when it finished i want to create new game, it detect 2 editor data with same name. i think it's ok but when i successfully created new game then when i want to sign my created player, this player has been duplicated. and the unique id become +1. example : my created player has unique ID 12345. then the duplicated player has unique ID 12346. when this game first release i though it just a bugs and wait for the next patch.

and the first patch has become available, and this bugs not yet fixed, second patch released and this bugs not fixed yet too, and now the third patch has been released. and this bugs not yet fixed either. please.... help me? what should i do with it?