Jan 12, 2010
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Eamon Dunphy Let Go By RTE Sport

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Eamon Dunphy has today being let go from RTE Sport after some old footage has come up showing him acting in a inappropriate way during some off-air tapings. We had decided to check are archives in wake of the recent Andy Gray & Richard Keys scandal and what we found speaks for itself that these are not the way a professional analyst should behave. We would like to thanks Mr.Dunphy for all his work he has done for us in the past and his years of loyal dedication and hope him all the best for the future.

Footage that got Eamon Dunphy sacked can be seeing here.

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iBDlJEabiI"]YouTube - The Best of Eamon Dunphy[/ame]

Dunphy Release's Statement on Sacking.

I can't believe those Muppets in the RTE have sacked ME, Me, Eamon Dunphy!I have carried that graveyard of panalist's on my own BABY! Well this has giving me a new lease of life and I have decided, wait for it.. To become a FOOTBALL MANAGER. Some crowd down in Kerry called CSKA Tralee have offered me a job and I am going to be taking over next week. Watch this space I'll be a better manager then Mourinho!
Info on CSKA Tralee, I think it has being edited XD

Club Website

Eamon Dunphy Information

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My first day of the office was a day I will never forget, I walked into a tiny office in some kip in Tralee, Their I sat down to talk to the chairman of the club, Sean Cheevers. What a **** name I thought to myself, Anyway to the story he start waffling on about how he couldn't believe I have accepted the job and has giving me complete control of the club to do whatever I want, as if I had to be told that, This is Dunphy land now baby! I then went out to the pitch and meet the lads, one word to describe them ? Muppets, throw every one of them in reserves and called me contacts I meet through years of being in the sport. I told them to get me any player who is willing to play for noting and who is prepared for a the spotlight to be on them, this is my club after all. Well here was my squad on first day of training

During the month I quickly built up a squad of players, A mixture of young and old. I wanted to completely change the face of this club and that's what I did, also played a couple of friendlies but left these to my assistant, some bloke called Kevin Kelley. Here's the results of the match's that I have found in the paper.

CSKA Tralee 4 - 1 Inter Kenmare

CSKA Tralee 3 - 2 Castleisland FC

Lisselton Rovers 2 - 4 CSKA Tralee

CSKA Tralee 2 - 2 Killorglan

Good results their now I have to say, My plan to get this club into the Irish Premier Division is now under way, I have got all my players into the club and now look forward to the season ahead, here is my final squad for the season.

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Eamon Dunphy, My New Story

I have decided to turn my article that I write for the Irish Daily Star into a monthly update on the new chapter of my life, managing CSKA Tralee. I no longer have the time to write controversial stories on today's current events as I am to busy in my first steps of getting CSKA Tralee to the Irish Premier Division, so first thing first let me tell you a little information on CSKA Tralee and myself
(How could someone not know who I am baby!)

I'm a former International footballer who has played midfield for clubs such as York City, Millwall, Charlton Athletic, Reading & Shamrock Rovers. I was also capped 23 times for Ireland scoring no goals.

I used to work for RTE till the muppets sacked me for speaking the truth, I'm knowing to be a controversial pundit due to me tackling today's football issue's head on and not hanging on any fence's. Now for my new club CSKA Tralee.

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CSKA Tralee is an Irish Amateur football club based in the South West of Ireland in County Kerry.

CSKA Tralee were founded in 2010 after it was decided that the Tralee football scene had grown stale and stagnant
. Attendances at Tralee Celtic, Spa Road & Ballanough were all down on previous years, the buzz of new side Classic was fading fast, St Brendans Park were in decline and with Tralee Dynamos 'A' status guaranteed there was a huge void that needed filling. A bunch of local investors began to pool their money together, and it was agreed with Kerry District Legal Secretary, John O'Reagan, that a new Tralee based side would be competing for 2010/2011. They compete in the Irish Junior Third Division South-West, the lowest in Ireland.

My next Article will be on my first month in charge of CSKA Tralee.

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August Update

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Cup Half Full ?

I write this article having completed my first month in charge of CSKA Tralee, A very pleasing month I might add were we won all are games, with all games being in the cup, hence the title Cup Half Full. My first task as I took over as manager was to bring in some good staff who could be in it for the long run with me as I lead this club to Irish Premier League and I believe I have done that, here is who I have brought in ..

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Through my contacts in the game I was able to get these guys to come and work for me for noting, Great at what they do and will hopefully be part of the wider plan I have here at CSKA Tralee, now on to the results..

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FAI Ford Junior Cup

Bay FC 2 - 4 CSKA Tralee (1st Round)

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FAI Ford Senior Cup

CSKA Tralee 5 - 1 Wicklow Rovers (1st Round)

Carn 2 - 4 CSKA Tralee (2nd Round)

August was a brilliant month for CSKA as we are still in the two cups and some very strong performances, not least in the game against Bay FC were we finished the game with 9 men after losing a player to injury having made 3 subs then getting a player sent of, the 5-1 thrashing was a great win as we were 1 nil down at half time but after a rallying half-time team talk by myself we went out and destroyed them and scored 5 goals, the game against Carn we had to come back twice and win so that is even more pleasing.

Now I would like to introduce the monthly Muppet awards, were I rate the best and worst player of the month, for anyone who doesn't know what a muppet is here is the definition


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Good Muppet Of The Month Goes To ..

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8 goals in 2 starts and 1 sub appearance says it all.

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Bad Muppet Of The Month Goes To ..

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Getting sent of in a my first game and could have cost us game.

Well thats all for this month September Update to be posted tomorrow.

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i thought this was a russian club lol the CSKA bit confused me :$
^^ same was like why is CSKA in Ireland?
No idea why they called themselves CSKA think it was just to stand out but their noting but a bunch of amautar players on a team with a fancy name.
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Thanks mate was going to quit as it seemed noyone was interested in it but I will do another update and see if it gets more followers should be up about half 6 as in work now.
Hei, could you tell me which Extension you use ? The beta Version from Brendn?
Good luck for CSKA!
How come these guys aren't in my game have you made them yourself? Do you know anything about them as I live in Killarney?
I do. God job so far. Especially the Staff is pretty good.

But how did you fix the problem with 15 instead of 14 Teams, by now I can not play that expansion due to this.
I do. God job so far. Especially the Staff is pretty good.

But how did you fix the problem with 15 instead of 14 Teams, by now I can not play that expansion due to this.

Happened to me to, open the database up in the editor and delete a team in the 1st division