Jan 5, 2009
Reaction score
Anybody playing in the Scottish 3rd Div. The Shire were bottom for about 10 yrs on the run ,so that made an ideal challenge. Very surprised the way the first few games played.2wins of 4-0 and one draw one defeat.
Only thing not a bean to spend. Tactics I play are normal 4-4-2 with a deep defence and balls through the middle to one very tall target man. Hope he disnae get injured,as he is the main man.
Ive never played with them my mate sean anderson plays for them he good on the game?Ive started a game with dundee 2nd season a danish businessman bought the club invedted 25m i got 6m for transfers class
Sounds fun, i plan on going them eventually been Montrose the last few fm's so time for a change
there the first team i go.
cause ive been following them for ages and im only 12
in FM 09,FM 10 I got them to the SPL before i did something and ended up deleting my whole data doh