Feb 23, 2013
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I haven't being playing this game long, this being my first FM. I have read through a lot of the guides on here and it seems really overwhelming.

Are there any ways to simplify possession football? (Like should I play Control/Fluid)? And as for team and individual tactics, is there anything specific that I should be looking at (I'm assuming slow build up, no counter attacks, etc...)

I'm playing as Newcastle if that makes any difference, going to start a new career in a little bit as the first one I started yesterday ended up being a disaster with Spurs (Played 10, Lost 7 ><).

Or are there any specific tactics for Newcastle I could use without too much modification (at least until I actually get used to the engine mechanics)... Yesterday I got overran every game no matter the opposition or whether I was home or away....

Cheers for any help
Each head has his own way of thinking :) some would advise Control / Fluid, others Control / Balanced, or Counter-Attack / Fluid (or Balanced) Attack... etc, etc, etc. and you don't have to play narrow to have possession. I am playing with two tactics of my own, one Super-Attack / Very Fluid, other Control / Fluid, both have lot of possession. Check my thread 2 tactic package, I am playing with FC Porto, but it might work for your Newcastle.