Jul 12, 2010
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Im using the Barca tactic in my Barca save and im wondering if Eden Hazard is up to the par to be a replacement for an aging Messi as a AMR. Unfortunately there haven't been any good AMR regens (plently of playmaking MC's though D:)

So i have him fully trained for the AMR role just wondering if i can expect the same type of performances from him as Messi?
I've using him as an AMR - inside forward support and got good results from him in his first season, so I'd think he'd be pretty good after a few seasons, but probably nowhere near messi.
He will not be as good as Messi but he can do very well on the right wing. Train him there. I wouldn't really use him until Messi Retires
why would u want to replace messi ?? :O

messi - 23

hazard - 19

only 4 years apart
Alexis Sanchez is better as AMR or you could buy Lucas from Sao Paulo (4-5 years difference). However you should look for a wonderkid somewhere to replace him. I can imagine that it is really hard to replace Messi
I would have thought Hazard was much better suited to an AML role than AMR considering hes right footed predominately and the whole idea behind the inside forward role is to get the player cutting inside onto his stronger foot? Pedro is a better AMR option id say.
When i signed this guy for Liverpool at the start of the first season he had 4 goals and 16 assists in 19games. He was a advanced playmaker (support) in the amc position . After 20 games he slumped badly and hasn't recovered from it and its 12 games later. Wonderful player but hasn't put in consistant performances.