Edinburgh sign Chinese giants!

Dammit, thought Edinburgh F.C had signed two eight foot tall Chinese players or something...
Do the kits come in only black and white those just aren't my colours
I just hope Hearts or Hibs don't panda to their demands....
Bear with me till I get to grips with this useless thread (A)
You got my excited but now i am dissapointed lol

My team is hibs by the way
I had all those puns already lined up. You could say I have been zoo-med.



There are some really, really.. really bad puns in this thread.
i hate you all with your unbearable puns
i cant take this any more, and it just spam now, so please, no more puns


You got a point there mate... I dunno was looking for a npower challenge, scrolled through some teams and hey I like those lads' logo I'll coach 'em.