Edited database not working!! Help!!!


Nov 5, 2009
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I am not sure if this post belongs to this sections, if not please tell me so so i can move it.

This is what I have done.

I have made/downloaded J-League(Japanese) and I wish to play it. and want the Japanses and Korean teams to be included in champions league
I have made few changes to the database along with this but nothing too spefic to tell you about.
The major change I tried to make is to have K-League(korean) and J-League teams to be in Europe.
What I have done is made both Japan and Korea into European Continents. This still works fine.
My problem comes now. Let me tell you both Japan and Korean leagues start in January. I go on holiday till July(when all european leagues start) then the game crashes on 14th of July. I have repeated this and I crash on more or less the same date.

First, I thought the game must be crashing due to the dates being different.

I changed the dates so J-League starts from July(just like Europe) but it still crash on the same date!!! and then I realised the dates shouldnt matter as this is the same case with Russian league but they participate in Chanpionsleague perfectly fine.

I cannot think y the program is crashing if any suggestions would be great!!

If you want to help me out more, I can send you all the files related. Thanks!!!

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Also, for some reason, even though all the data is there, Information and History of the club does not show.