editing configs


Nov 30, 2006
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i downloaded some player pics, kits but 1 or two of them are wrong does anyone know how to edit the configs to put these problems right?
Open the config in notepad, and edit it.

Not sure how vague an answer you wanted, but you gave very little detail about what exactly was wrong!
for the picture of roy keane (sunderland manager) :D its a picture of that goalkeeper manchester united signed from west brom kuskofshac and i wanted to change it. sorry about spelling a dont really remember his name
yeah thanks its works using notepad i did it for kits that werent right but now the problem is i dont know what to change that manchester united keeper to so he appears on his profile not roy keanes lol
You need his unique ID not Keane's. Erm...

Roy Keane's unique ID is 2014410 Kuszczak is 884670.


Open the Notepad file (the config) and press Ctrl + F which brings up the find box.

Type in Keane's ID which is 2014410.

It will be highlighted, then delete that and replace with Kuszczak's which is 884670. File>Save.

Reload the skin and it should be fixed.