Jan 11, 2009
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I have built a whole new database, a new country, 2 divisions of 15 team, 200 new players, 30 new teams, i have also designed the kits for each of the clubs and also their logo's, i have also created the competition logo's, now can somebody help me, how do i get all the kits and logo's onto the game? Help would be very much appreciated....
also if you would like me to design any kits or other Graphics
here is my design of the QPR Home kit

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Hello mate, im totaly new to the editor, altho i have done some modding on oblivion, fallout etc so im not totaly useless,lol, ive tried to learn it myself but im having a problem. I have created my own player then saved it under the; SAVE EDITOR DATA AS option, renamed the folder, then ive started a new game ticked on the file, which is named as a DB file ( i think ), it then seems to load it, i then start a new game but my player isnt in the team ive chosen. I have noticed an option in the EDITOR that says MERGE EDITOR DATA, is that what you have to do for it to appear in game?? Altho that particular option is faded out in the FILE dropdown. I know im missing something but cant quite figure it ( yet ),lol. I have tried to find some sort of manual to download and study but cant seem to locate one. Could you please run through the basic steps of how to get the thing you have created into the game. Im just starting off with a simple player addition as my son wants to be in the game and be better than messi,lol. As ive said ive done bits of modding on the geck and FO3E edit programmes so im pretty certain that i can pick it up with the help of a few pointers. Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers,
Basically, load the editor
go to people
click new
fill in all the information
then jus save it a new player or something
load up the game
new game
then a box should come up, and at the bottom there should be a tick box make sure it is ticked
and then make sure the save u made is ticked
and then you should have done it..
if the is anything feel free to ask
okay for you wanting to put your created graphics onto your new game you will need to do the same as you would normally, make a graphics folder etc
then find the id for everything either on the editor or in game
make a xml file and write the code in. easist if you download a pack with a code in so you can copy it and put your details in.